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The Shape of Things: The Rising Cost of Obesity on the Federal Workers' Comp System

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Studies have shown that overweight and obese workers are more prone to workplace accidents then their slimmer counterparts and that their injuries take longer to heal. See what your federal agency can do to address this growing problem with The Shape of Things: The Rising Impact of Obesity on the Federal Workers’ Comp System.

This easy-to-read pamphlet explains how America’s weight problem is contributing to workplace injuries and driving up workers’ comp costs. You discover successful strategies that your agency can implement to keep employees fit, healthy and on the job — plus learn which strategies are costly but just don’t work.

Learn practical, easy-to-implement tips to help keep your employees in shape — and in turn keep workers’ comp costs down — such as:

  • Provide incentive to employees who take action to become healthier
  • Maintain healthy snack choices in vending machines
  • Encourage employees to build walking into their routines by parking further away from the office
  • And more

(2006. Pamphlet. 76 pp. Product Code: 4203.SHAPE)