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$afety Cents in the Federal Workforce: Prevent Employee Injuries and Reduce Workers' Comp Costs

Price: $26.95


The best way to reduce your agency’s workers’ comp costs is to prevent workplace injuries from happening. This easy-to-read pamphlet spotlights simple, easy-to-implement strategies to prevent injuries in workers of all ages — and thereby cut your overall workers’ compensation costs.

$afety Cents in the Federal Workforce gives you practical tips and advice on how to:

  • Prevent common injuries brought on by emergency situations
  • Reduce illness and risk of injury caused by nature, such as heat- and cold-related injuries
  • Minimize back injuries with 10 specific strategies
  • Keep a young workforce injury-free
  • And more

From simple tips to prevent slips, trips and falls, to developing an effective safety program, $afety Cents in the Federal Workforce is a must-read for any agency that cares about their employees and their budget.

(2006. Pamphlet. 70 pp. Product Code: 4203.SAFETY)