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The Right to Representation: Formal Discussions and Weingarten Rights: Second Edition

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When are unions entitled to be present at a formal discussion? When are employees entitled to have union representation during discussions with management? What rights do employees and representatives have during such discussions?

This pamphlet addresses these and other questions raised by two problematic areas of federal labor relations law — formal discussions and Weingarten meetings. You receive guidance on identifying formal and investigative discussion situations, so you understand how, when and why to exercise your rights while meeting your professional responsibilities. And, it’s all supported by case law citations — so you know you’re acting within legal guidelines.

You find out how to determine:

  • The differences between informal and formal meetings and the factors that are important
  • The union representative's role in formal and informal discussions
  • What constitutes an “examination”
  • And much more!

(2006. Pamphlet.63 pp. Product Code: 4201.WEIN2)