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How to Frame Disciplinary and Adverse Action Charges

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Why do agencies lose in adverse action cases, despite having evidence and a solid basis for cause of action? Because most agencies fail to frame the charge clearly.

How to Frame Disciplinary and Adverse Action Charges provides effective techniques to help you write charges that meet MSPB standards. In easy-to-understand terms, you learn how to develop the theory of a case, decide the penalty, frame the charge accordingly and write the specification to get the result you want.

You discover:

  • How to avoid common mistakes when framing disciplinary and adverse action charges
  • How to frame specific charges, such as insubordination, falsification and vehicle misuse
  • The language to use in framing charges
  • When to cite specific laws and regulations — and when not to
  • And much more!

Plus, you learn what common errors often result in reversals -- so you don't make the same mistakes.

(2002. Pamphlet. 36 pp. Product Code: 4200.FRAME)