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Evaluating and Serving Students With Medical Needs and Physical Impairments Under Section 504

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Presented by Dave Richards, Esq.

Since the ADA was amended in 2008, OCR has identified two problems regarding Section 504 eligibility for students with medical needs due to physical impairments: 1) schools looking at eligibility only for students whose impairments impact the major life activity of learning; and 2) schools providing students with health plans when those students should have been referred to 504 instead.

In this recorded 90-minute audio conference, attorney Dave Richards examines those problems and answers the following questions:

  • When should the school refer for a Section 504 evaluation a student with medical needs due to a physical impairment?
  • Does the school have to refer and evaluate all such students? If not all, which ones?
  • For students who are eligible under Section 504, how does the team know what accommodations or services to provide in a plan? What medical information is required to make that decision?
  • What happens when a school is prevented from getting the required medical information?
  • Can the school be required to ban foods or other substances (for example, peanuts) in response to a student's physical impairment? How does the school determine when a ban or something less is required? How can the school encourage nondisabled students and their parents to cooperate with the school's efforts?

(2012. CD. 90 min. Product Code: 3801.051612. S/H: $5.50)

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