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When School Safety & Student Privacy Rights Collide: Determining a Compliant Response

Price: $250.00


Presented by Daniel A. Osher, Esq.

When faced with a potential safety or health issue affecting your school, you often need to decide quickly whether to disclose personal information about a student – and accurate decision-making requires knowing when school safety concerns trump individual privacy rights. In this recorded 90-minute audio conference, attorney Daniel Osher explains the requirements of FERPA and other applicable laws to help you to determine when you can disclose information about a student to ensure others’ safety.

Register today and invite your staff for a training session so everyone learns how to:

  • Identify situations in which school safety concerns override an individual student’s privacy rights
  • Apply FERPA privacy protections in cases involving student-on-student bullying or harassment
  • Recognize when you can disclose student information in an emergency
  • Determine whether there is a reasonable risk of a threat to someone’s health or safety
  • And many more compliance tips

(2014. CD. 90 min. Product Code: 3801.032614. S/H: $5.50)

(Printed materials included. CDs must be prepaid. No returns on CDs.)

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