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Beyond the Usual Accommodations: Supporting College Students With Disabilities in Clinical Settings

Price: $27.95


Beyond the Usual Accommodations is the DS provider’s go-to guide whenever a student with disabilities wants to enroll in a program with clinical components. From determining a student’s admission, to providing accommodations, to applying program standards, you get guidance to make decisions that comply with the law, while offering opportunities to qualified students.

Support students effectively by adapting proven strategies to:

  • Collaborate with academic officials to pinpoint programs’ essential requirements
  • Work with site supervisors who are prejudiced against students with disabilities
  • Balance students’ privacy rights with site officials’ need for information
  • Ensure that students aren’t a threat to themselves or others in a clinical setting

And, explanations of ADA and Section 504 requirements plus commentary on OCR letters makes it easy to convince campus leaders of your institution’s duty to students with disabilities — and head off lawsuits and OCR investigations.

(2008. Pamphlet. 105 pp. Product Code: 31154. S/H: $5.50)

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