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College Students with Asperger Syndrome: Practical Strategies to Ensure Social and Academic Success

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By Rodney E. Pennamon, Director, and Louise Bedrossian, Assistant Director, both from the Margaret A. Staton Office of Disability Services at Georgia State University

Boost the retention rate for college students with Asperger Syndrome

Learn to recognize, accommodate and support college students with Asperger Syndrome on your campus. This resource gives you practical guidance to maintain legal compliance, anticipate potential problems and assist students with their specialized needs, including literal thinking, sensory sensitivity, social skills, communication, and organization -- so you can take positive steps to increase their retention, graduation and overall success rates.

The authors share their experience and real-life examples to help you:

  • Provide students with a smooth transition to college life
  • Interpret assessment results
  • Capitalize on focused interests to help students choose majors and careers
  • Determine and implement appropriate accommodations
  • Link success strategies to student retention
  • Recognize factors that may interfere with the validity of standardized test results
  • Deal with issues beyond ADA/504-mandated accommodations

Plus, you get forms and checklists that you can put to use immediately, including the Student Success Plan Worksheet and Semester Reminders List, along with a bonus list of resources and references to help you expand your expertise.

(2007. Pamphlet. 172 pp. Product Code: 31141. S/H: $5.50)