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Crisis on Campus: Preparing For and Dealing With Disasters and Violence

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Are you taking the proper precautions to protect your students?

Colleges are vulnerable to a wide range of unexpected crises, from natural disasters to student deaths. Knowing how to prepare for these events - and deal with the aftermath - can save your campus from further hardship.

Crisis on Campus provides proven prevention strategies and effective responses for handling all kinds of crises – which will inevitably strike your campus. Conveniently divided into separate chapters by topic, this pamphlet provides guidance on:

  1. Dealing with Campus Violence
  2. Stemming Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  3. Recognizing and Helping Students with Psychological Disorders
  4. Preventing and Responding to Fires
  5. Preparing for and Coping with natural Disasters
  6. Preventing and Reacting to terrorism
  7. Keeping Students Abroad Safe
  8. Ensuring Legal Compliance

Within each chapter, a variety of situations are explored so you are equipped to handle any problems that may arise. For instance, you learn how to:

  • Analyze your institution’s alcohol policies to prevent hazing and student deaths
  • Plan ahead for incidents of mass contamination including anthrax scares
  • Conduct fire drills early and often to prepare students and staff for emergencies
  • Prevent copycat suicides on your campus
  • Manage large crowds during major events
  • Secure your campus tunnel systems
  • Design disability-inclusive emergency evacuation plans
  • Educate both on- and off-campus students
  • And much more!

(2006. Pamphlet. 126 pp. Product Code: 31131. S/H: $5.50)

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