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Beyond the Classroom: Accommodating Students with Disabilities in Higher Education

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As more students with disabilities choose to live on college campuses, understanding housing accommodations is key to maintaining ADA compliance, avoiding costly lawsuits and designing appropriate residence facilities. Chapters focus on the legal and accommodation issues specific to:

  1. Crisis Prevention and Management
  2. Environmental Concerns
  3. Privacy and Space Requests
  4. Service Animals and Therapy Pets
  5. Social and Behavioral Challenges
  6. Structural Barriers

For each disability area, you get details on how institutions handled various accommodation issues, giving you tried-and-proven solutions you can use on your campus to: reduce liability by training campus police on disability issues; be creative when dealing with chemical sensitivity; distinguish between therapy and service animals; help students with learning disabilities handle stress; employ the 7 principles of universal design; and much more.

Plus, you get summaries of relevant court cases and Office for Civil Rights rulings – so you can avoid the mistakes made by other institutions and create policies that comply with disability laws. And, each chapter gives you additional resources, including Web sites, associations and publications that provide further guidance on the issues covered.

(2005. Pamphlet. 65 pp. Product Code: 31124. S/H: $5.50)

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