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College Residence Halls: Crime Prevention and Fire Safety

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When students become the victims of campus crimes or residence hall fires, the media swoops in. Parents and the community look for someone to blame. One or more lawsuits are likely. Prevention is your best defense. This practical guide shows you other institutions' proven strategies to stop crimes and fires from wreaking havoc on their campuses. And, you get valuable advice from institutions that have dealt with such incidents -- so you can avoid going through the same thing. Specific prevention tips and guidance from your colleagues show you what works, so you can duplicate policies to:

  • Create a safer environment, including ways to prevent theft during move-in time and how to implement "Adopt-a-Residence-Hall"
  • Improve access control -- from building perimeters to inside dorms -- such as using videophones to let welcomed guests in, keep unwelcome ones out
  • Protect students from situations instigated by alcohol and drug users. Prepare for what happens when students die in residence hall fires
  • Educate students on fire safety, including how -- and when -- to conduct fire drills for maximum impact

Plus, case studies detail what happened during major dorm fires, who bore the blame and how the courts allocated liability. And, you get a survey of residence hall fires over the past 15 years -- organized by region/university -- so you understand the scope of the problem and its causes.

(2004. Pamphlet. 80 pp. Product Code: 31108. S/H: $5.50)

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