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46 Tips and 50 More Tips to Recruit and Retain Adult Students

Price: $36.00


A number of challenges exist in getting adults students in the door of your institution, as well as keeping them there. You need to understand what it takes to keep adults enrolled in your programs. These two pamphlets offer insight into recruiting and retention of this ever expanding market. This special offer gives you a total of 96 Tips to help your adult programs succeed. The 46 Tips pamphlet offers contact names and Web site addresses of institutions with successful programs - so you can get ideas that actually work. The 50 More Tips pamphlet also includes contact information for each idea profiled, which allows you to get answers to your questions or learn more about a specific strategy.

(2004. Two Pamphlets. 107 pp. Product Code: 31107.BOTH. S/H: $6.50)

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