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Curb Campus Drinking: 20 Prevention Strategies that Work

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Based on the environmental management approach, this how-to pamphlet organizes, into five categories, 20 strategies colleges used to effectively curb student drinking. Pick and choose strategies from each category to create a detailed, multi-pronged attack - one that is customized for your campus but with ideas already proven successful on others. With details of other institutions' solutions, you learn how to: (1) Prevent alcohol problems through education , such as Trinity's single-session counseling that motivates students to change drinking patterns (2) Lower alcohol violations through clear policies and strict enforcement, including Boulder's "3 strikes and you're out" program that curbs high-risk binge drinking (3) Keep students out of bars and illegal house parties by providing fun, alcohol-free activities, such as West Virginia University's "Up All Night" program (4) Reduce harm to students with a Web program that teaches them how much alcohol is too much (5) Build alliances with pub owners and neighbors to fight student drinking.

(2004. Pamphlet. 38 pp. Product Code: 31105. S/H: $5.50)

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