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The Administrator's Guide to Federal Programs for English Learners -- Second Edition

Price: $135.00


By Ellen Forte, Ph.D.

Written by highly regarded expert Dr. Ellen Forte, the new Second Edition provides a full education on the needs of English learners, as well as states’ and districts’ obligations to them under federal law. It’s your ideal reference tool for determining the best services and practices, and how to use federal funding streams to support those activities, with plain-language explanations of:

  • All ESEA formula grants that provide, directly or indirectly, for ELs
  • The Every Student Succeeds Act’s new accountability structure for ELs’ academic and English proficiency
  • Best practices for EL identification, including “flagging” and “screening”
  • Ways to engage parents and families of ELs to gain their support
  • How to avoid supplanting with Title I and Title III dollars in identifying, assessing and serving ELs

Plus, you get a comparison of the relative costs, delivery method and staffing needs of different types of language instructional programs to help you choose the best fit.

(2017. Softcover. 372 pp. Product Code: 300905.2ED. S/H: $10.00)

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