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Ensure Access to Technology for All Students: Complying With Section 504 and ADA

Price: $33.25


By Jennifer V. Herseim, Joseph Pfrommer, Esq.

Tackle your crucial role in technology implementation with confidence! Plain-language overviews of major 504/ADA concerns transition into “Practical Pointers” detailing experts’ best strategies on how you can achieve compliance. Plus, “District Spotlights” showcase real-world approaches to tackling accessibility so you can adopt exemplary practices.

With a focus on creating accessibility throughout the district and for the individual student, you get guidance to:

  • Identify accessibility barriers in your district's online content
  • Document distribution of new technology to avoid discrimination claims
  • Prepare students with disabilities for digital exams so they are tested on content knowledge, not their ability to navigate the test
  • Build a Universal Design for Learning team

Also Includes: Two quick-reference checklists to guide you through communicating with IT staff and outside vendors about common accessibility issues, and fixing inaccessible websites.

(2017. Pamphlet. 113 pp. Product Code: 300682. S/H: $5.50)

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