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The Community Eligibility Provision: Weighing Costs and Benefits of Participation

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By Julia C. Martin, Esq., Brustein and Manasevit

The Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) can help improve student achievement, eliminate social stigma and reduce administrative burden. But it takes a complicated analysis to determine whether the CEP makes financial sense for your school or district. Introducing the only guide to bottom-line decision-making.

Along with the law’s basics, you learn how to do the math so you can determine if your cost to subsidize the program is in line with what the federal government will reimburse:

  • Decide whether schools should participate in CEP individually or grouped
  • Calculate the identified student percentage, the claiming percentage and the USDA reimbursement rates
  • Define the “economically disadvantaged” subgroup in a CEP school
  • Adjust the Title I within-district allocations process in an LEA with CEP Schools and Non-CEP Schools
  • And more!

Plus full explanations of every education-related acronym you’ve ever come across!

(2016. Pamphlet. 101 pp. Product Code: 300675. S/H: $5.50)

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