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Addressing Students' Executive Functioning Deficits to Meet Core State Standards

Price: $29.50


By Dr. Derek Ihori and Dr. Alexia Melara

The college- and career-ready core standards that states have adopted require strong executive functioning skills — skills in which students with disabilities often exhibit deficits. This research-based guide provides explanations and best practices so you can help students succeed in a standards-based curriculum.

First, you learn about the executive functions of inhibitory control, working memory and cognitive flexibility/shifting, and how to identify deficits in the school environment. Then, you discover how these functions relate to success with core standards, and learn interventions to foster students’ skills in:

  • Managing time and projects
  • Differentiating essential from extraneous information
  • Focusing attention and avoiding off-task behaviors
  • Planning and organizing thoughts and materials, and identifying multiple ways to address tasks
  • Plus more!

Also includes an Executive Functioning Observable Skill Checklist, Chain of Events exercise, and more ready-to-use tools!

(2015. Pamphlet. 46 pp. Product Code: 300661. S/H: $5.50)

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