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Accommodating Students With Allergies and Chemical Sensitivities: Steps for Legal Compliance

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By Joseph L. Pfrommer, Esq.

From child find to field trips … meet your duties to avoid discrimination, provide FAPE and keep students safe. This one-stop reference explains your district’s Section 504 and IDEA obligations to identify, evaluate and accommodate students — supported by OCR guidance, administrative decisions and case law demonstrating how the law is applied.

Plus, you learn:

  • The process for determining if a child with allergies or chemical sensitivities should be evaluated
  • Required procedures for determining a student's eligibility, placement and accommodations
  • Accommodations students may need to participate in a safe school setting
  • Emergency precautions and responsive actions that may be required
  • Students' rights to participate in field trips and extracurricular activities
  • Your obligations to prevent and respond to bullying and harassment

You also get a list of essential topics for staff training plus 7 model forms including Request for Food Allergy Information, Anaphylaxis Medication Authorization Form and more!

(2015. Pamphlet. 81 pp. Product Code: 300657. S/H: $5.50)

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