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Emergency Planning and Crisis Response for K-12 Schools: Best Practices, Model Forms and Checklists

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As recent tragedies remind us, the worst-case scenario can happen. This guide helps you reevaluate your existing policies and develop a comprehensive approach to emergency management. You get emergency planning guidelines and prevention strategies, plus examples of how other districts deal with today’s high-risk security threats.

Plan: Learn about the emergency management process and how to draft an all-hazards school emergency plan
Prevent: Discover best practices for securing facilities, improving communication, controlling visitor access and more
Assess: Find out about the process for evaluating risks and students’ violent behavior
Respond: Gain practical strategies to prepare staff and students to respond in a crisis
Recover: Learn how to create the necessary framework to address short- and long-term recovery when tragedy does strike

Also included: Model policies, forms and checklists you can use to train staff, address safety concerns and document your security efforts; plus a preview of emergency planning guidelines from the Office of Safe and Healthy Students.

(2013. Pamphlet. 178 pp. Product Code: 300646. S/H: $5.50)

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