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Assistive Technology in Special Education: Identifying Student Needs, Responding to Parent Requests, and Other Compliance Issues

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By Teri E. Engler, Esq.

The increasingly technology-driven school environment presents a myriad of never-before-seen legal issues. Get up to speed now, as a veteran special education attorney walks you through your legal obligations to provide assistive technology to students with disabilities.

This new resource is the first to summarize legal cases on AT, teaching valuable lessons on the compliant way to address everything from prosthetics to iPads. Plus, you get guidance to respond to parent requests for tablets, apps, laptops, computer-assisted real-time closed captioning, FM hearing assistance systems, SMART boards and more!

You’ll avoid overspending on unnecessary services, and inappropriately denying access to technology, with clear explanations of:

  • Strategies to individually assess students' need for assistive technology and monitor AT effectiveness
  • Specific instances in which AT devices or services, or both, are required as part of a child's special education, related services, or supplementary aids and services
  • When students with disabilities do not require AT to receive FAPE
  • How hearing officers and judges ruled on districts’ decisions involving nebulizers, oxygen tanks, prosthetic limbs, ankle/foot orthotics, wheelchairs and more
  • Ways to address technology in IEPs to avoid disputes over IDEA FAPE issues and Section 504 access issues

(2013. Pamphlet. 62 pp. Product Code: 300641. S/H: $5.50)

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