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FBAs and BIPs: Meeting IDEA Compliance Obligations

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By John W. Norlin, Esq.

Don’t leave staff guessing when it comes to following the complex IDEA rules surrounding functional behavioral assessments and behavioral intervention plans. Give every special educator and IEP team member the only guide focused solely on the legal issues that arise as your district carries out these two processes.

From the big-picture question of when an FBA is required, to nitty-gritty issues such as how your school discipline code applies to a student with a BIP, IDEA requirements are explained and relevant case law is analyzed:

  • When parental consent must be obtained to conduct an FBA
  • Differences between a BIP and an individual discipline plan
  • Factors to consider when creating the BIP and circumstances that can require the IEP team to modify an already-existing BIP
  • Relationship between a BIP's provisions and the IDEA least restrictive environment mandate
  • And more!

Includes recaps of judicial and administrative decisions plus full text of OSEP guidance, to further support staff in making appropriate discipline decisions.

(2012. Pamphlet. 77 pp. Product Code: 300637. S/H: $5.50)

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