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Disability-Based Bullying and Harassment in the Schools: Legal Requirements for Identifying, Investigating and Responding

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By John W. Norlin, Esq.

This just-updated and expanded guide uses the latest case law and U.S. Education Department guidance to explain your obligations for addressing and preventing disability-based harassment and bullying, and ensuring that bullied students continue to receive FAPE.

You’ll gain a strong knowledge of district requirements under the IDEA, Section 504 and ADA — so you can determine a compliant response. Plus, the entire guide has been reorganized and updated with analysis of the most recent:

  • OCR and judicial standards for addressing disability-based harassment
  • Education Department guidance on bullying or harassment as a denial of FAPE, including child find, reevaluation, IEP and 504 plan considerations
  • Judicial rulings and hearing officer decisions regarding when a district must respond to bullying as a denial of FAPE
  • And more!

Plus, an all-new section details common mistakes districts make in responding to disability-based harassment — so you can evaluate your policies for potential trouble spots.

(2015. Pamphlet. 134 pp. Product Code: 300630. S/H: $5.50)

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