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Planning Your Paraprofessionals' Path: An Administrator's Legal Compliance and Training Guide

Price: $159.00


Ready-to-use training modules plus authoritative legal guidance -- all in one resource!

Paraprofessionals who aren't properly trained can jeopardize your district's reputation, funding and students' safety. A single inappropriate act by a paraprofessional can lead to a lawsuit that could cost your district thousands of dollars -- even if you win. And your district could face the loss of crucial federal grants if your paraprofessionals still don't meet strict No Child Left Behind Act standards.

As an administrator, it's your job to make sure this doesn't happen. But how?
Introducing your best defense — Planning Your Paraprofessional's Path: An Administrator's Legal Compliance and Training Guide. This concise, one-of-a-kind guide and training manual is for everyone in your district who's responsible for paraprofessionals -- from the district office to the classroom -- and even paraprofessionals themselves.

You get:

  • Plain-English explanations of how federal and state laws affect paraprofessionals' employment and duties -- including IDEA 04 and the new regs, NCLB, FERPA, Section 504 and others
  • A sample paraprofessional contract, performance evaluation, and tips for situations where termination of employment is necessary
  • Cited case law related to paraprofessional issues
  • Table of paraprofessional titles, duties, and appropriate supervisor's title for each paraprofessional title.

What's more, this manual is divided into two sections to address compliance issues related to paraprofessionals and the practical, day-to-day aspects of training paraprofessionals to carry out their roles and responsibilities.

(2007. Loose-leaf binder. Product Code: 300535.07. S/H: $9.50)

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