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School Superintendent's Insider®

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Walk the superintendent's tightrope safely every day!

Don't lose your balance in the push-and-pull from the school board, students, parents, teachers and the media. With each monthly issue of School Superintendent's Insider®, you find out how to:

  • Keep students safe without turning schools into fortresses
  • Upgrade facilities without busting the budget
  • Discipline Internet abuse without violating free speech
  • Educate kids about AIDS without alienating parents
  • Negotiate a bonus with the school board without agreeing to a buy-out
  • Provide FAPE to disabled kids without breaking your special ed budget
  • And much more

Plus, each month you get our exclusive working tools: model school policies on everything from Internet use and dress code to student searches and at-will employment; model staff memos; letters to difficult parents; contract clauses that prevent construction rip-offs; and much more! Don't risk falling off the superintendent's tightrope. Let School Superintendent's Insider® help you keep your balance.

(Newsletter. 12 issues/yr. Product Code: 300532.BN. S/H: $29.50/yr.)

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