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Managing Your Federal Education Funds

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Creativity and Compliance. The two keys to spending your federal education funds.

Introducing your blueprint to achieving them both... Managing Your Federal Education Funds. This monthly newsletter is filled with your colleagues’ proven approaches and “do this, not that” guidance to help you focus your spending most effectively, avoid audit and monitoring problems, and use your federal funds in ways that link spending decisions to school improvement.

Each issue updates you on developments in the ESEA, IDEA, National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs, Head Start and other relevant laws, transforming your legal requirements into constructive ways to:

  • Coordinate multiple, often overlapping, funding streams for a common purpose, while staying within the spending rules of each program
  • Get maximum use out of items you purchase with federal funds
  • Save money and time by implementing standard inventory control practices
  • Use your federal funds in extended learning, early childhood and other enrichment programs
  • Avoid the common pitfalls that auditors look for and prepare for a visit
  • And more!

Filled cover to cover with straightforward compliance guidance, Managing Your Federal Education Funds includes these featured columns:

In-Depth Cover Stories on key regulatory requirements and hot-button issues explore how get the most from federal money in a way that’s compliant and audit-friendly.

Dos & Don’ts offer quick tips on the financial and programmatic moves you should and shouldn't make – and why – as you administer federal programs.

Lessons Learned alerts you to problems auditors have discovered and explain how you can avoid the same missteps.

Model Documentation – contract clauses, form letters and policies – help reduce your administrative workload.

Compliance Lesson deciphers complicated compliance concepts and presents it in a way that you can use it as a staff training tool.

(Newsletter. 12 issues/year. Product Code: 300531. S/H: $29.50/yr.)

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