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FERPA and Electronic Education Records: A Compliance Guide for Proper Management

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The transition to the Digital Age has drastically changed the way your district approaches student privacy.

In this easy-to-reference compliance guide, you and your staff learn solutions to the most common FERPA-related challenges districts face when maintaining education records electronically – and what the latest revisions to the law say about safeguarding student information.

Three focused sections give you legally sound guidance to protect student privacy and prevent inadvertent disclosures:

  • Part I clarifies which electronic records are protected as "education records" under the newly amended FERPA regulations, including key definitions and a close look at how to authenticate personally identifiable electronic information such as e-mails and videotape.
  • Part II familiarizes you with the exceptions to FERPA's prohibition on disclosing education records without parental consent and delves deeper into "de-identified" records and electronic requests for access.
  • Part III gives you specific guidelines to safeguard electronic records with a review of common problems and how to address them, as well as how the IDEA comes into play.

Plus, up-to-date full text of relevant FERPA and IDEA regulations, selected letters from the Family Policy Compliance Office, and Department of Education recommendations for additional reference.

(2009. Pamphlet. 55 pp. Product Code: 300297. S/H: $5.50)

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