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FERPA and School Safety: Understanding the Rules for Permissible Disclosures

Price: $30.45


What do Family Policy Compliance Office letters say about disclosing student information in response to natural disasters and campus emergencies? How does the Uninterrupted Scholars Act affect your FERPA obligations?

Find out in this essential guide, which spells out the key exceptions to FERPA’s rule prohibiting disclosure of education records without parental or student consent in a health or safety crisis. You’ll know which student information you may disclose when necessary to maintain a safe school environment, with guidance on:

  • The standard necessary for school officials to conclude that a health or safety emergency exists
  • Appropriate district response to a subpoena or judicial order for a student’s records
  • Why you should designate law enforcement officials as “school officials” with a “legitimate educational interest”
  • The three categories of information not protected as “education records” under FERPA
  • Plus more!

(2015. Pamphlet. 91 pp. Product Code: 300292. S/H: $5.50)

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