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Behavioral RTI: The Path to Integrating Behavioral and Academic Supports

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Improving student behavior requires a “big picture” approach that integrates behavioral and academic interventions. Get your efforts in gear with this convenient training video that shows your staff the core elements of behavioral RTI, how it fits in the school or district context, and how it can work in conjunction with your existing or planned academic RTI model.

Specific examples of universal screening and progress monitoring tools, along with a sample “menu” of interventions, give your staff the framework for improving behavior on the individual, class and schoolwide levels — and ultimate improve learning on all levels as well.

Easy-to-follow graphics and quizzes make this a great staff training tool! Plus, specific recommendations show you how to:

  • Structure your teams and define their functions in leading an integrated behavioral and academic model
  • Incorporate the key elements of behavioral RTI in a three-tiered framework
  • Select the evidence-based practices to build your behavioral RTI pyramid
  • Make decisions about what data to collect and how to use it
  • Avoid the setbacks that can stall or even derail your progress
  • And more!

Combine with the companion book, RTI and Behavior: A Guide to Integrating Behavioral and Academic Support, for a complete training program!

(2009. DVD. 30 minutes. Product Code: 300291.DVD. S/H: $14.00)

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