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Leading and Managing RTI: Five Steps for Building and Maintaining the Framework

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By John E. McCook, Ed.D.

If the RTI train hasn't passed through your school district yet, it's coming … and it's coming fast. Or maybe you're already on board, but it's a runaway train. Be ready and take control with Leading and Managing RTI...

Get the leadership-level thinking and framework administrators like you need to lead and manage the process of building and maintaining an RTI model. Author John E. McCook, a longtime district administrator, consultant and RTI expert, shows you the five steps to achieve a successful RTI model, highlighting the leadership and management issues along the way:

  1. Determining and building awareness
  2. Creating and fostering commitment
  3. Developing infrastructure
  4. Implementing the model and its processes
  5. Evaluating and retooling your model

You get administrative gut checks and point-blank advice about expectations regarding staff, resources, training, and what's at stake when you strive to effectively change education where you are.

Plus, you learn critical strategies on how to:

  • Develop buy-in for your RTI efforts
  • Build capacity for RTI implementation
  • Structure intervention groups
  • Collect and analyze data
  • Ensure interventions are implemented with fidelity and integrity
  • Make decisions regarding RTI in secondary schools
  • And more

(2009. Softcover. 106 pp. Product Code: 300287. S/H: $5.50)

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