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Cracking the Code: IDEA and NCLB Alternate Assessment Rules Made Simple

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By Sue Gamm, Esq.

This unique guide simplifies mounds of complex regulatory language and ED commentary into one concise reference tool! You learn the requirements surrounding assessments for students with disabilities, as well as the rationale behind each rule and your district's obligations -- so you know how to carry out each requirement and effectively comply with NCLB and IDEA mandates.

Cracking the Code also gives you a convenient chart and summary, paired with easy-to-read interpretive analysis covering 7 key areas:

  • Overall framework for including students with disabilities in state assessment systems
  • Alternate assessments based on modified academic achievement standards
  • State guidelines for IEP teams
  • Calculating AYP
  • And much more!

(2007. Pamphlet. 69 pp. Product Code: 300266. S/H: $5.50)