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What Do I Do When...® The Answer Book on the No Child Left Behind Act

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By Marion M. Walsh, Esq.

Fast-read solutions to your compliance challenges are here! This essential guide lays out NCLB's rules -- and schools' responsibilities -- in popular Q&A format -- from the overarching NCLB requirements of accountability, to the more specific, hands-on issues you face day-to-day, such as assessing student progress.

And you get coverage of the newly released final regs on "2 percent" flexibility!

Each chapter covers a particular NCLB topic, plus provides a convenient Table of Questions -- so you have easy access to expert guidance and solutions. With What Do I Do When...® The Answer Book on the No Child Left Behind Act, you'll gain the expertise and confidence to effectively administer and comply with NCLB's requirements, such as how to:

  • Accurately measure and report AYP
  • Help students with disabilities and ELL students reach proficiency
  • Improve instruction by ensuring your education programs are rooted in scientifically based research
  • And much more

Chapters answer your questions on the entire realm of NCLB -- from accountability to Title III -- with coverage of the latest Department of Education guidance!

(2007. Softcover. 320 pp. Product Code: 300260. S/H: $5.50)