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The Grants Glossary: An Educator's Guide to Codes, Terms and Tools

Price: $28.25


By Pam Moore.

Advance your grantseeking with this portable, quick-reference guide!

This handy pamphlet defines and demystifies common grant terms and concepts used by federal agencies in education -- helping you make sense of confounding grant practices, plus translate and simplify confusing federal grant announcements.

The Grants Glossary puts you in the know by providing:

  • Grant terms and definitions, including those commonly used by major funding agencies
  • Agency-specific language and how it's used
  • The meaning behind numerical codes and why it's important to understand them
  • Agency acronyms and abbreviations

What's more, The Grants Glossary includes accompanying sidebars and thumbnail tutorials throughout -- so you have hands-on, quick-read guidance to effectively pursue grant opportunities for your district.

(2007. Pamphlet. 99 pp. Product Code: 300250. S/H: $5.50)

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