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Interpreting and Implementing the Perkins Act of 2006

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By Marty Mahler, Ph.D., and Shelia Mauppin, MPA

From changes in Tech Prep requirements, to answers for your fiscal questions, to strategies for meeting both state and local mandates, this one-stop guide helps you understand and comply with the reauthorized Perkins Act of 2006.

Written by expert career and technical education practitioners, this resource explains:

  • Appropriate disbursement of state and local CTE funds
  • Changes to Tech Prep programmatic and accountability requirements
  • Key new terminology and how it applies to your CTE program
  • Core indicators to consider when determining student performance

What’s more, Interpreting and Implementing the Perkins Act of 2006 compares the previous law with the current law in an easy-to-understand chart. You also discover how to incorporate the latest provisions and changes in the law into your existing CTE program -- so your school stays out of the courtroom.

And, for quick reference, you get the full text of the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act of 2006.

(2007. Softcover Book. 216 pp. Product Code: 300244. S/H: $5.50)