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A Legal Overview of Burden of Proof in Special Education Disputesties Under the IDEA

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By Jack B. Clarke, Esq., and Maria E. Gless, Esq.

Burden of proof is a complex and confusing issue. Determining which party – districts or parents – has the burden of proving their case in IDEA disputes has divided courts and hearings officers for years.

This pamphlet looks at the concept of burden of proof in connection with IDEA disputes at both the administrative and judicial levels. You learn the impact of the Supreme Court's decision in Schaffer v. Weast and why assigning the burden of proof to a particular party can often affect the outcome of the case.

What's more, you get summaries of relevant cases, plus up-to-date guidance on how and why the burden of proof should be allocated, so you can effectively prove – or defend – your case. Plus, you get the full text of the Schaffer v. Weast decision for easy legal reference.

(2006. Pamphlet. 36 pp. Product Code: 300233. S/H: $5.50)