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The School Board Member's Manual: The Essential Guide for Effective Service - Third Edition

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By Jeff Stratton

Announcing the revamped board members’ “instruction manual” for effective service -- the ideal way to introduce proper board service to novice members and reinforce fundamental principles for veterans.

More than 150 updated Tip Sheets, Evaluation Tools, Model Policies and Planning Tools help board members fulfill their key responsibilities of setting policy, conducting meetings, working with the public, evaluating and developing the board, and collaborating with the superintendent -- plus a special emphasis on monitoring school finances.

Your board can simplify operations -- and stop reinventing the wheel -- with proven strategies to:

  • Establish board member conflict of interest guidelines
  • Boost trust and garner public support of budgets during hard times
  • Create a protocol on using email communications
  • Save time in board meetings through "unanimous consent"
  • And more

Includes an all new overview of legal issues and case summaries -- so board members can prevent similar claims against your district!

(2011. Softcover. 124 pp. Product Code: 300224.3. S/H: $5.50)

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