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The Top Section 504 Errors: Expert Guidance to Avoid Common Compliance Mistakes

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By David M. Richards, Esq.

Common misperceptions or misunderstandings of the law can lead to major compliance mistakes for districts. Learn from others’ slip-ups — and avoid costly litigation — with guidance from a seasoned Section 504 attorney.

In this updated edition, David Richards analyzes the 30 missteps made most often by school districts in key 504 areas and discusses the impact of the ADAAA, so you stay compliant when: determining students' eligibility; designing and implementing services; disciplining eligible students; and distinguishing Section 504 requirements from the IDEA and NCLB.

You and your staff learn how to steer clear of:

    Discipline Error #3: “I thought you were keeping track of removal days”
    Eligibility Error #8: Requiring “need for 504 services” as a prerequisite to Section 504 eligibility in the post-ADAAA evaluation
    Implementation Error #5: “We have to give him passing grades if he’s a Section 504 student”
    Emerging Error #3: Reducing access to grade-level curriculum through inappropriate or excessive accommodation
    Plus 26 other avoidable mistakes!

Examples from the latest case law and OCR Letters teach you why, how and when these errors occur — plus steps you can take to prevent them in your district. Updated to include the ADAAA's new "mitigating measures" rule, the new list of "major life activities" and a list of 10 “talking points” regarding actions that schools must carefully consider as a result of the ADAAA's impact on Section 504.

(2010. Pamphlet. 99 pp. Product Code: 300160. S/H: $5.50)

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