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The Behavior Management Guidebook: 10 Key Training Components for Staff Development

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By Barbara F. Zimmerman, Ph.D.

Give all your educators a toolbox of strategies to effectively handle challenging student behavior. The updated Guidebook addresses today’s top classroom challenges, delivering even more practical behavior intervention strategies by a host of general and special education experts.

Ten components each focus on an essential staff training area – from providing classroom structure and consistency, to discussing problem student behavior with parents. Expanded chapters offer practical advice and legal case examples illustrating how to apply proven behavior management techniques and promote appropriate classroom behavior, with particular emphasis on addressing problem behavior among students with disabilities.

Equip your educators to:

  • Respond when a student’s behaviors, even if minor, are interfering with his academic progress
  • Use parent interviews, a behavior log and “antecedent interventions” to uncover the cause of problem behavior
  • Determine positive reinforcements as part of “behavioral charting” of students who display work refusal
  • Document student behavior, conduct behavioral analysis and seek behavior modification using the included training exercises and reproducible behavior modification forms
  • And more key training components!

(2013. Looseleaf binder. 71 pages. Product Code: 300155. S/H: $9.50)