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The Teacher's Guide to Supporting and Supervising Paraprofessionals in the Classroom -- Video and Guidebook

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By Dr. Teri Wallace, Co-Director of the National Resource Center for Paraprofessionals

This hands-on training video spells out key roles and responsibilities of paraprofessionals, and teachers working with paraprofessionals -- along with successful management strategies -- to help educators build effective teaching teams and improve overall classroom instruction. Educators learn the essentials of core knowledge and skill competencies, including how to: provide day-to-day training and useful feedback; enhance classroom management -- including scheduling and planning; communicate effectively with paraprofessionals and promote teamwork; model positive, appropriate behavior for paraprofessionals; and much more. The accompanying guidebook provides exercises for paraprofessionals and teachers plus self-assessment and reflection activities, checklists and management strategies for educators -- to reinforce the video's key areas and help teachers develop essential supervisory skills. Best of all, the guidebook is reproducible -- so you can give each educator their own set of training materials.

(2003. DVD: 20 min. Workbook: 41 pp. Product Code: 300152.TEA.DVD. S/H: $22.00)

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