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Effective Strategies to Resolve Special Education Disputes Without Due Process

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By Jose L. Martín, Esq.

Work out disputes with parents before they dissolve into messy, costly litigation!

Resolving disputes with parents before the due process stage can help you improve parent-district relations, reduce staff down time and save costly litigation fees — leaving more resources to devote to students’ educational needs.

Learn the newest resolution strategies from school attorney Jose Martín. In this just updated resource, he covers mediation and resolution sessions from the practical perspective: how to work out the dispute. With strategies separated into those to use when parents do and do not have legal representation, you know the best way to handle the dynamics of the two very different situations.

Generate win-win solutions with advice on how to:

  • Quickly assess a case and attempt to reach settlement prior to mediation
  • Prepare for mediation sessions, including planning for offers and counteroffers
  • Distinguish between negotiable issues and “deal-breakers”
  • Prepare for contested IEP meetings to head off potential disputes
  • Draft effective negotiated settlement or mediation agreements

Along with an analysis of the legal requirements for compliant resolution sessions, you get sample notice and meeting forms. And, when all else fails, you get ideas for exploring creative alternatives to resolve especially difficult disputes.

(2011. Pamphlet. 59 pp. Product Code: 300130. S/H: $5.50)