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Alternative Schools: Legal Guidance for Serving Special Education Students -- Second Edition

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By Karen Glasser Sharp, Esq.

This practical book helps you understand the IDEA's requirements for alternative placements based on student behavior -- so you can train your staff to make legally sound placement decisions. The Second Edition examines legal obligations to students in three sections:

  • Disciplinary referrals to alternative schools
  • Interim alternative educational settings
  • IEP team referrals to alternative schools

Plus, each section contains summaries of relevant judicial decisions that govern the placement of students with disabilities in alternative schools -- giving you practical guidance on meeting your legal obligations. And, for easy reference, this comprehensive resource gives you selected sections of IDEA regulations, common special education acronyms, a table of cases and much more.

(2005. Pamphlet. 112 pp. Product Code: 300118.2. S/H: $5.50)