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On Our Best Behavior: Positive Behavior-Management Strategies for the Classroom -- 2nd Edition

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By Barbara F. Zimmerman, Ph.D.

Designed for administrators and teachers, On Our Best Behavior gives you practical, ready-to-use behavior-management strategies you can immediately incorporate into your student intervention plans. And, you get hands-on methods to promote consistency and cooperation between the home and school environments.

You find out specific ways to:

  • Confront inappropriate student conduct
  • Document student behavior before implementing an intervention plan
  • Establish consistent expectations, rules and consequences for student misbehavior
  • And much more

Plus, On Our Best Behavior gives you sample behavior modification sheets and intervention plans -- so you can ensure you produce accurate documentation. What's more, you get detailed guidelines on how to conduct functional behavior assessments, create behavior intervention plans and draft behavior contracts for staff and students.

(2007. Softcover. 128 pp. Product Code: 300112. S/H: $5.50)