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Reduction of School Violence Alternatives to Suspension -- Fourth Edition

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By Beverley H. Johns and Valerie G. Carr

Focus your discipline practices on helping students make acceptable choices -- to improve individual behavior and overall school climate!

In this updated resource, you gain new insights to help you take a modern approach to discipline, including melding Response to Intervention efforts into your overall discipline approach. Plus, you get practical guidance to:

  • Implement precision planning to prevent misbehavior
  • Establish positive whole school activities to improve behavior and achievement
  • Clearly define rules and expectations for student behavior
  • Use social skills training as an individual and whole school intervention
  • And more

You also get a "Menu of Alternatives to Suspension" for addressing problem behaviors. Recommended consequences, examples and cautions for each illustrate effective ways to handle: students’ use of alcohol or drugs, failure to do homework, plagiarism, theft, bullying, cyberbullying, sexting, and more specific situations.

(2012. Softcover. 134 pp. Product Code: 300044. S/H: $5.50)