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Calming Irate Customers: 10 Tips for Government Employees

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You will always have angry customers. But knowing how to appease them can prevent a misunderstanding from turning into a catastrophe. Calming Irate Customers: 10 Tips for Government Employees can help all of your employees who deal with the public "cool off" angry consumers.

Packed with skill-assessment quizzes, personal action plans, quick tips and a special pull-out mini-poster illustrating effective listening skills, this hands-on guide will show everyone on your staff how to handle even your most irate customers!

Your employees learn:

  • Tips for turning down the volume on shouters
  • Phrases to quiet verbally abusive customers
  • Ways to prevent future flare-ups
  • How to vent their anger without taking it out on your customers
  • And much more!

With this handy pamphlet your employees will develop stronger service skills, gain more patience and decrease workplace stress. Every member of your staff can benefit from this practical guide!

(1999. Booklet. 30 pp. Product Code: 20031)

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