The Teacher's Guide to Supporting and Supervising Paraprofessionals in the Classroom -- Video and Guidebook
By Dr. Teri Wallace, Co-Director of the National Resource Center for Paraprofessionals

This hands-on training video spells out key roles and responsibilities of paraprofessionals, and teachers working with paraprofessionals -- along with successful management strategies -- to help educators build effective teaching teams and improve overall classroom instruction. Educators learn the essentials of core knowledge and skill competencies, including how to: provide day-to-day training and useful feedback; enhance classroom management -- including scheduling and planning; communicate effectively with paraprofessionals and promote teamwork; model positive, appropriate behavior for paraprofessionals; and much more. The accompanying guidebook provides exercises for paraprofessionals and teachers plus self-assessment and reflection activities, checklists and management strategies for educators -- to reinforce the video's key areas and help teachers develop essential supervisory skills. Best of all, the guidebook is reproducible -- so you can give each educator their own set of training materials.

DVDs must be prepaid and may not be returned. Workbook content may be reproduced only for use within the purchasing organization. All other rights reserved.

(2003. DVD: 20 min. Workbook: 41 pp. Product Code: 300152.TEA.DVD)

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