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4900.062211   Reasonable Accommodation Under the ADAAA: A Practical Approach for Your Agency
4900.020514A   Reasonable Accommodation: Practical Guidance to Minimize Agency Liability
4800.DEFINE   Recognizing and Addressing Discrimination in the Federal Workplace
4800.CONFLIC   Recognizing and Resolving Conflict as a Federal Manager
4800.BULLY   Recognizing and Responding to Bullying in the Federal Workplace
4800.GEN   Recognizing and Responding to Gender Discrimination: What Federal Managers Must Know and Do
4800.RACE   Recognizing and Responding to Race, Color and National Origin Discrimination in the Federal Workplace
4800.SEXHAR   Recognizing and Responding to Sexual Harassment: What Federal Managers Must Know and Do
4800.TECH   Recognizing and Responding to Technology Misuse by Federal Employees
31079   Recruit & Retain More International Students: 30 Strategies for Success
4800.DISABILITY   Recruiting and Hiring Individuals With Disabilities for the Federal Workforce
3801.040109   Reduce Your Risk: Evidence-based Practices to Prevent Harmful Student Restraint and Seclusion
300044.5ED   Reduction of School Violence: Alternatives to Suspension -- Fifth Edition
4900.031616   Rehab or Removal? Considering Douglas Factor 10 in Disciplinary Cases
300614   Related Services Under the IDEA: Overview of Key Guidance and Legal Decisions
4400.5S4C   Removal of Poor Performers
4900.052015   Removing a Federal Employee, Avoiding MSPB Reversal
4900.061312   Requesting Fitness-for-Duty Exams in the Federal Workplace: What's Allowed, What's Not
300663   Requests for Service Animals: Developing Compliant School Policies, Procedures and Responses
3801.021214   Requests for Service Animals: Staff Training on Compliant Policy and Procedure
300618   Residential Placements: District Compliance and Case Law Companion
4900.030818   Resolution Achieved: Drafting Enforceable Federal EEO Settlement Agreements
4257   Resolution Reached, Formal Complaint Avoided: Practical Skills to Settle Federal EEO Disputes
300273   Resolution Sessions and Mediation Under the IDEA: Settling Disputes Without Due Process Hearings
4301.RESLV.DVD   Resolving EEO Conflicts: The Informal Approach
300520   Resource Guide for Private School Administrators -- Second Edition
3801.051613   Responding to Cyberbullying in K-12 Schools
300333   Responding to Dangerous Conduct by Students With Disabilities: A School District Guide to Legal Requirements
3801.092012   Restraint & Seclusion: Avoiding Dangerous and Costly Practices and Policies
300647   Restraint and Seclusion of Students With Disabilities: Understanding the Legal Risks
4900.011211   Retaliation in the Federal EEO Process: Getting to the Root of the Matter
31151   Retention Strategies That Work: Taking College Students With Disabilities From Access to Success
300679   Rising to Dyslexia Challenges Through Multi-Tiered Systems of Support: A Handbook for Schools
300686   Roadmap to IDEA/504 Compliance: Manifestation Determinations
300674   Roadmap to IDEA/504 Compliance: Students With Medical Conditions
300689   Roadmap to IDEA/Section 504 Compliance: Team Meetings to Develop an IEP or 504 Plan
3801.032615   Roles and Responsibilities for BCBAs in Schools: When They’re Needed, How to Use Them
3801.021009   RTI and Behavior Interventions: Removing Barriers to Academic Success
300280   RTI and Behavior: A Guide to Integrating Behavioral and Academic Supports
3801.120314   RTI and Child Find Compliance Under the IDEA
3801.091610   RTI and Special Ed Identification: How It Works
300238   RTI and the Classroom Teacher: A Guide for Fostering Teacher Buy-In and Supporting the Intervention Process
300623   RTI for Early Readers: Implementing Common Core Standards in Your K-5 RTI Model
300286   RTI in Middle and High School: Strategies and Structures for Literacy Success
300601   RTI in Restrictive Settings: The TIERS Model for Students with Emotional/Behavioral Disorders
3801.032410   RTI in Secondary Schools: Key Literacy Strategies for Middle and High School Programs
3801.021512   RTI Literacy Implementation Beyond Grade 3: Overcoming Reading Deficits of Older Students
300515.3RD   Safety and Security Administration in School Facilities: Forms, Checklists and Guidelines - Third Edition
3801.121015   Saving Your District From a Retaliation Lawsuit: Practical Guidance From the Trenches
300163   Say the Right Thing: A Guide for Responding to Parents' IEP Requests
300668   School Districts' Guide to Postsecondary Transition for Students With Disabilities
300090   School Law Handbook
300134   School Safety Essentials Series
3801.040313   School-Based Mental Health Services: Intervening for At-Risk Students
300065   Section 504 Compliance Advisor
32000   Section 504 Compliance Handbook
300660   Section 504 Compliance: The Complete K-12 Handbook
3801.032411   Section 504 Eligibility in the Wake of the ADAAA
300304   Section 504 Eligible: What Now?
3801.110811   Section 504 Procedural Safeguards: Avoiding Errors, Omissions and OCR Investigations
300227   Section 504 Retaliation Claims: A Legal Overview
300303   Section 504: Determining Appropriate Eligibility
3801.102109   Section 504: What’s New, What’s Changing and How You Should Respond
300625   Service Animals in the Schools: What Every District Needs to Know About the ADA Rules
300670   Service Dog Stuffed Animal
300293.2ED.UP   Serving Homeless Students: A Practical Guide to Title I and Other Federal Programs -- Second Edition
300669   Serving Preschool-Age Children With Disabilities: Evaluation, Eligibility, Placement and Transition
300248   Serving Private School Students, Families and Teachers: A Compliance Guide for Title I Practitioners -- Second Edition
300643   Serving Students With Medical Needs: Achieving Legal Compliance With Section 504
300201.2ED   Serving Students With Severe and Multiple Disabilities: A Guide to Strategies for Successful Learning – Second Edition
4300.KEYS.DVD   Seven Keys to Effective Discipline
31113   Sexual Assault on Campus: A Guide for Prevention and Response
4800.SHARP   Sharpening Your Influence as a Federal Manager
4900.111709   Shielding Your Federal Agency From Harassment Liability
3801.020811   Short-Term Disciplinary Removals: Counting Days, Discerning Patterns and Making Good Placement Decisions
300294   Short-term Suspensions and Patterns of Disciplinary Removal: Making Sense of IDEA and Section 504 Rules
3801.022614   Shortened School Day: Avoiding Discriminatory Practices That Jeopardize FAPE
31121   Sign Language Interpreters: Recruitment, Retention, and Payment Strategies
4900.061511   Simply the Best: Using Probationary Periods to Assess Federal Agency Employees
3801.061809   Smart Strategies and Potential Pitfalls When Spending Your Special Ed and Title I Stimulus Funds
3801.031209   Solving the Equation: How to Integrate Mathematics Instruction and RTI
9705.SOG04   Sources of Operating Grants, 6th Edition
300655   Special Ed Champion Zip-Up Sweatshirt
300140   Special Ed Connection®
300068.17   Special Education Dictionary
300016.4TH   Special Education Law and Litigation Treatise - Fourth Edition
300073   Special Education Law Monthly
300264.DVD   Special Education Law Training Series
300264.2.DVD   Special Education Law Training Series - An Overview: What's New Under the 2004 IDEA Amendments and the Regulations?
300264.3.DVD   Special Education Law Training Series - Discipline of Students with Disabilities
300264.4.DVD   Special Education Law Training Series - Extended School Year Services
300264.9.DVD   Special Education Law Training Series - Personal Liability of Educators for Violations of Special Education Legal Requirements
300264.6.DVD   Special Education Law Training Series - Procedural Safeguards and the Avoidance of Procedural Violations of the IDEA
300264.8.DVD   Special Education Law Training Series - Residential or Private School Placement of Students with Disabilities
300264.10.DVD   Special Education Law Training Series - Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973: An Overview
300264.7.DVD   Special Education Law Training Series - Serving Medically Fragile Students
300264.5.DVD   Special Education Law Training Series - The Requirement for Educating Students with Disabilities with Nondisabled Students: LRE
300510.ASP   Special Education Report
3803.15PC1   Spotting Trouble at the IDEA-Section 504 Border
300282.BM   Staff Training Tips: Focusing on Behavior Management
300282.LRE   Staff Training Tips: Focusing on LRE and Inclusion
300282.SE   Staff Training Tips: Focusing on Special Education
4400.1S4C   Stopping Discrimination on the Bases of Age and Religion
4400.1S2C   Stopping Disparate Treatment and Harassment on the Bases of Race, Color and National Origin
3803.18PC1   Strategies and Techniques for Settling Special Education Disputes and Drafting Agreements
3801.091311   Strategies for Writing Meaningful, Measurable IEP Goals
3801.040312   Strategies to Support Students With Anxiety and Depression
300221.STRESS   Stress Stoppers! An Educator's Survival Guide to Tense Situations
31119   Student Centered Operations: A Guide to Building, Implementing, & Improving One-Stop Shops
300536.AG   Student Discipline & School Safety: Administrator's Guide to Best Practices, Policies and Procedures
300330   Student Record Privacy and School Safety: A Balanced Approach to Legally Compliant Disclosures
3801.011812   Student Record Privacy: What Districts Can, Should and Must Do to Comply With FERPA and IDEA
3801.120810   Students Behaving Badly: Top 10 Compliance Strategies for Disciplining Students With Disabilities
3801.120513   Students With Allergies and Chronic Health Conditions: Legal Considerations for Schools
300677   Students With Significant Disabilities: At the Crossroads of IDEA and ESSA
3801.042115   Students’ Mental Health Services: Using Research to Improve Your Interventions
8003   Subrogation Laws in Workers' Compensation: Significant Court Rulings and What They Mean to You
4900.050411   Succeeding in Federal-Sector Arbitration: Guidance from Broida and Vitaro
4243   Successful Labor Negotiations in the Federal Sector
3801.052010   Successful RTI Implementation: Prevent, Identify and Fix False Starts and Other Errors
300658   Successfully Implementing Core Standards for Students With Disabilities: A Professional Development Guide
4900.051017   Successfully Navigating Performance and Conduct Issues Under the Rehabilitation Act
300534.SG   Superintendent's Guide to Special Education Policies & Procedures
3801.042710   Suspending and Expelling Students With Disabilities: The Legal Dos and Don'ts
4900.040914A   Take Action Now! Managing the Problem Employee in Your Agency
4900.042915   Take the Right Action: Addressing Excessive Leave in Your Agency
3801.032509   Taking Charge of RTI: How to Maximize Progress and Mitigate Pitfalls
4900.030514A   Taking Disciplinary or Performance-Based Action Against Federal Employees With Medical Issues
4800.ORAL   Talking, Listening and Responding: Effective Communication for Federal Managers
300313T.007   Teachers Take Charge: Behavior Modification Strategies for the Classroom
31054.0101   Teaching Students with Disabilities - Volume 1, Issue 1
8004   Teen Workers and Workers' Comp: What You Can - and Must - Do to Keep Them Safe
4900.110910   Telework and Alternative Work Schedules as Reasonable Accommodations: Managing the Process for Federal Employees
31063   Tenure: A Legal Review
4900.110917   Termination During Probation: Avoiding Due Process Violations in Your Agency
31092   Terrorism and the Campus
4800.WITNESS   Testifying at Administrative Hearings: What to Expect, How to Prepare
31045   Testing Accommodations in Higher Education: Complying with the ADA and Section 504
3801.011017   The 40 OSEP Letters Every Educator Needs to Know
4269.2   The 7 Biggest Employee and Labor Relations Challenges in the Federal Workplace -- And How Managers Should Handle Them, 2nd Edition
300314   The “I” in RTI: Selecting and Implementing Evidence-Based Interventions
3801.042116   The ABCs of IEEs
300322   The ADA Amendments Act: What It Means for Section 504 in Your School
31080.UP   The ADA Coordinator's Guide to Campus Compliance - Second Edition
300605   The Administrator's Guide to Building and Maintaining a Comprehensive Autism Program
300905.2ED   The Administrator's Guide to Federal Programs for English Learners -- Second Edition
31050   The Admissions Process: Guidance for Section 504 and ADA Compliance
3801.040617   The Balancing Act of ESSA and IDEA: Understanding Assessment Requirements
4202.CNSLR2   The Basics of Writing Federal-EEO Counselor Reports--Second Edition
300155   The Behavior Management Guidebook: 10 Key Training Components for Staff Development
300149   The Best Fit: Creating the Right LRE for Your Students with Special Needs
300611   The Co-Teaching Guide for Special Education Directors: From Guesswork to What Really Works
300675   The Community Eligibility Provision: Weighing Costs and Benefits of Participation
8002   The Compensability Decision: Validating Workplace Injuries in Workers' Comp
31081   The Complete Guide to Directing Successful Nontraditional Student Programs
300114   The Complete OSEP Handbook -- Second Edition
4265   The Complete Q&A Guide to Performance Management in the Federal Workplace
31120   The Dean's Mentor: Leadership Advice and Problem Solving Strategies
300903   The Do's and Don'ts of Education Compliance: Audits, Monitoring and Enforcement
4800.EEO   The EEO Process: Step-by-Step Guidance for Federal Managers
3801.041514   The English Language Learner: Ensuring Nondiscrimination and Providing FAPE
31087   The Enrollment Manager's Guide to Improving Retention
31143   The Essential Fundraising Guide for Deans and Directors in Higher Education
4201.IIB3   The Essentials of Impact and Implementation Bargaining -- Third Edition
4900.092513   The Evolving Complexities of Sex Discrimination: Refining Your Agency's Approach for Today's Claims
4400.LR2C   The Federal Arbitration Process: From the Origin of Disputes to FLRA Review
4261.EEO   The Federal EEO Investigator's Companion
4077.2ED.UP   The Federal EEO Practitioner's Dictionary -- Second Edition
4400.2S3C   The Federal EEO Process: Addressing the Special Concerns
4070   The Federal Equal Opportunity Reporter®
4286   The Federal Labor Relations Manual: Your Guide to Navigating the Law
4260.UP2   The Federal Manager's Everyday Guide to FMLA
4800.FMLA   The Federal Manager’s Role and Responsibilities in Handling Employee FMLA
4267   The Federal Probationary Period: Administering the Process in Your Agency
4802   The Federal Team Leader's Idea-a-Day Guide®
300250   The Grants Glossary: An Educator's Guide to Codes, Terms and Tools
4247   The Guide to Handling Official Time in Federal Labor-Management Relations
300400.U2M1   The History of Special Education
300197   The IDEA Amendments: What You Need to Know
300301   The IEP Meeting: Facilitating and Communicating Effectively
300400.U2M3   The IEP Process
300400.U3M3   The Impact of Multicultural Understanding on Instruction and Communication
300264.1.DVD   The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act: An Overview
4400.2S2C   The Informal Process: EEO Counseling
3801.020717   The Latest Must-Dos and Need-to-Knows of Behavioral Supports in IEPs
31134   The Law and Your Campus: What Student Affairs Professionals Need to Know
3801.012816   The Legal Consequences of Involving Law Enforcement for Students with Disabilities
4800.MSPB   The MSPB Appeal Process: Step-by-Step Guidance for Federal Managers
300254.DVD   The NEW Seven Deadly Sins: Common Mistakes That Lead To Litigation
4289   The No-Legalese Guide to Preparing and Presenting a Federal Arbitration Case
3801.050312   The Nuts & Bolts of IDEA Evaluations and Reevaluations
3801.030612   The Nuts & Bolts of IEP Meetings: Attendance, Format & Participation
3801.022312   The Nuts & Bolts of Making Eligibility Decisions Under the IDEA
3801.120711   The Nuts & Bolts of Making Placement Determinations Under the IDEA
3801.100412   The Nuts & Bolts of Manifestation Determinations
3801.092811   The Nuts & Bolts of Suspending and Expelling Students With Disabilities
300152.INS.DVD   The Paraprofessional's Guide to Assisting Classroom Instruction -- Video and Workbook
300152.BEH.DVD   The Paraprofessional's Guide to Managing Student Behavior -- Video and Workbook
300152.SPEC.DVD   The Paraprofessional's Guide to the IDEA and Special Education Programs -- Video and Workbook
4800.PROB   The Probationary Period: The Final Step in the Federal Hiring Process

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