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4281   Knowledge Is the Best Medicine: Handling Medical Issues in the Federal Workplace
300400.U2M2   Laws Impacting Special Education: IDEA, ESSA, Section 504
4221.LDR   Lead the Way! Building Effective Federal Supervisory Skills
31150   Lead Through Difficult Situations: Solutions to 50 Challenges Deans and Provosts Face
300702.DISADM   Leadership in Special Education: Fostering Collaboration, Solving Problems and Being an Agent of Change Key Principles for District Administrators
300702.ADMIN   Leadership in Special Education: Fostering Collaboration, Solving Problems and Being an Agent of Change Key Principles for School Administrators
300702.STAFF   Leadership in Special Education: Fostering Collaboration, Solving Problems and Being an Agent of Change Key Principles for School Staff
300287   Leading and Managing RTI: Five Steps for Building and Maintaining the Framework
4800.MTG   Leading Productive Meetings: From Prep Work to Completion
300268   Leading Successful IEP Teams: A Guide to Managing the People and the Process
4800.INTEGRITY   Leading With Integrity: Guidance for the Federal Manager
300221.COMM   Learning to Work Together: An Educator's Guide to Communicating with Parents and Colleagues
300302   Least Restrictive Environment: Making Learning Possible for All Children
4291   Leave and Telework for Federal Employees: Reasonable Accommodations or Undue Hardship?
31001.2ED   Legal Rights of Persons with Disabilities, An Analysis of Federal Law: Second Edition
300644   Legally Speaking: A Staff Training Guide for Communicating With Parents and Avoiding Conflicts in Special Education
300616.2ED   Let's Talk Title I: Everything You Need to Know and Do as an Administrator -- Second Edition
4900.041515   LGBT & Pregnant Employees: EEOC Protections & Your Agency's Role
4292   LGBT and Beyond: What Federal Practitioners Need to Know About Sex Discrimination
300305   Life Beyond Grade 12: Transition Planning for Students with Disabilities
31103   Limiting Liability on Campus: An Administrator's Guide to Identifying and Avoiding Risk
300072   LRP Publications' School Law Briefings
300036   Maintaining Safe Schools
3801.012617   Make Sure You're in the Know: The Latest on IDEA Procedural Safeguards
4900.110316   Make the Right Call: Leave and Telework as Reasonable Accommodations for Federal Employees
4900.100114A   Make Your Penalty Stand: Don't Omit the Douglas Mitigating Factors
31093   Make Your Web Site Work: Research and Guidance for Effective Recruiting
4900.111314A   Making Crucial Federal Personnel Decisions With EEO in Mind
4254.LEAVE   Making Sense of Federal Leave Administration: Your Guide to Key Decisions
300276   Making Sense of Stay-put: What the IDEA Requires, What the Courts Are Saying
4277   Making Sense of the ADA Amendments Act: The Federal Practitioner's Essential Desk Reference
300615.DVD   Making Sound Section 504 Eligibility Decisions After the ADA Amendments Act
4275   Making Telework Work: Your Agency's Guide to a Compliant, Productive Program
31146   Making the Call: Determining Who Qualifies as Learning Disabled in Higher Education
4900.041812   Making the Interactive Process Work: Reasonable Accommodation Guidance for the Federal Practitioner
3801.101216   Making the Transition: How ESSA's Changes Impact Your Special Education Program
4600   Manager Advantage
4800.ABUSE   Managers' Responsibilities When Federal Employees Abuse Alcohol or Drugs
4800.EEOCL   Managing a Federal Employee in the Midst of an EEO Claim
4301.LEAD.DVD   Managing and Leading Effectively: How to Achieve a Discrimination Free Workplace
4800.LEAVE   Managing Annual Leave in the Federal Workplace
4800.CONTRAC   Managing Contract Employees in the Federal Workplace: Limitations, Performance and Benefits
4800.BEHAVE   Managing Disruptive Behaviors in the Federal Workplace: From Hygiene to Foul Language
4800.PARENTS   Managing Federal Employees Before, During and After Parental Leave
4800.EMERGENCY   Managing Federal Staff During Emergencies and Severe Weather
31102   Managing Legal Issues in College Athletics: Proactive Strategies for Administrators
4800.POOR.PERF   Managing Poor Performers in the Federal Workplace
4800.SICK   Managing Sick Leave Entitlements and Abuse in the Federal Workplace
4800.TELE   Managing Telework in the Federal Workplace
31149   Managing the Assistive Technology Process: The Nontech Guide for Disability Service Providers
4262.WC   Managing the Federal Workers' Compensation Process: Your Essential Desk Reference
40351A   Managing Today's Federal Employees
300531   Managing Your Federal Education Funds
300203   Manifestation Determinations: Avoiding Needless Conflict and Common Mistakes
300332   Manifestation Determinations: Steps for Legal Compliance
3801.040915   Manifestation Determinations: The Why, When and How of Compliant Reviews
31070   Mastering Mediation: A Guide for Training Mediators in a College and University Setting
4800.SAVVY   Mastering Political Savvy, Partnering and External Awareness: A Federal Manager's Guide
300608   Mathematics RTI: A Problem-Solving Approach to Creating an Effective Model
4203.MAX   Maximizing Return to Work in the Federal Sector: How to Design, Implement and Maintain a Successful Program
8005   Medical Costs in Workers' Compensation: Strategies to Curb Your Largest Expense
4900.111715A   Medical Inability to Perform: Using the Charge to Remove a Federal Employee
3801.121318   Meeting the Needs of Students With Autism Through Compliant IEPs
300654   Meeting the Needs of Students with Diabetes: Eligibility, Accommodations and Participation
4400.4S5C   Mental and Emotional Disabilities
4800.MENTOR   Mentoring Federal Employees to Develop Their Careers — and Yours
4800.PPPS   Merit System Principles and Prohibited Personnel Practices: Guidance for Federal Managers
8000.MI   Michigan Workers' Compensation Law Reporter
8000.MI.CD17-20   Michigan Workers' Compensation Law Reporter Cumulative Digest Volumes 17-20
300400.U4M2   Monitoring Student Academic Performance
300313A.010   Monitoring Student Behavior: The Administrator's Role
300313T.009   Monitoring Student Behavior: The Teacher's Role
31122   More Than Just Talk: Proven Strategies for Recruiting and Retaining Minority Students
4400.2S5C   Motions, Hearings and Sanctions
4900.111412   MSPB Rules Revamped ... Now What? Broida Breaks It All Down
4900.101911   MSPB Today: Changing Direction, Redefining Case Law
31000   National Disability Law Reporter®
31000.CD24-31   National Disability Law Reporter® Cumulative Digest & Tables, Volumes 24-31
31000.CD32-35   National Disabilty Law Reporter® Cumulative Digest and Tables, Volumes 32-35
4900.092717   New OPM Regulations on Administrative Leave Policies: What You Need to Know and Do Now!
8000.NY   New York Workers' Compensation Law Reporter
8000.NY.CD03-08   New York Workers' Compensation Law Reporter Cumulative Digest, Volumes 103 - 108
4223.2   No Retaliation! Strategies for Avoiding Reprisal Complaints from Federal Employees
9703.MNG.3   Nonprofit Organization Management: Forms, Checklists and Guidelines- 3rd Edition
9704.NPP.3   Nonprofit Personnel Policies, Third Edition
4900.071311   Off-Duty and Criminal Misconduct by Federal Employees: Proving the Nexus, Taking Appropriate Action
3801.030916   OHI 101: Establishing Eligibility and Avoiding Overidentification
3801.041719   OHI Eligibility Determinations: Lessons From Current Case Law
300112   On Our Best Behavior: Positive Behavior-Management Strategies for the Classroom -- 2nd Edition
300253   On the Move: Serving Intrastate and Interstate Transfer Students Under the IDEA
300603   One-to-One Aides for Students With Autism: A Practical and Legal Guide
3801.030917   One-to-One Aides for Students With Disabilities: Addressing Key Compliance Issues
3801.110410   One-to-One Aides: Sound Decision Making for IEP Teams
300662   Other Health Impairment: Eligibility Criteria Under the IDEA and Section 504
4900.121212   Overcoming Obstacles in the Federal EEO Case Process: Gary Gilbert's Guidance
300400.U1M2   Paraeducators' Responsibilities for Confidentiality, Professionalism and Ethics
300400.U7M1   Paraprofessional Support: Instructional Content and Practice
300324   Parent Involvement for Title I Schools: Policies and Strategies for Compliant, Effective Family Engagement
31135   Partnering for Success: How to Build Strong Internal Collaborations in Higher Education
3801.030718   Paving the Way to Smoother IEP Team Meetings
4400.3S4C   Penalties in Disciplinary Actions
4279   Penalty Determination Done Right: Applying the Douglas Factors to Misconduct Situations
8000.PA   Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Law Reporter
8000.PA.CD18-21   Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Law Reporter Cumulative Digest Volumes 18-21
4800.COMM   Perfecting the Leadership Competency of Effective Written Communication
31089   Perfecting the Process: A Guide to Accommodations in Higher Education
4400.5S2C   Performance Evaluation
4400.5S5C   Performance Incentives
4400.5S1C   Performance Management
4900.032113   Performance Plans: Keys to Making Them Work for Your Agency
4400.5S3C   Performance Problems
4900.061015   Performance-based Actions Made Easy: Following Through on 432
4280.UP   Permissible or Prohibited? Guiding Employees Through Hatch Act Compliance
20030   Phone Fantastic! Telephone Tips for Government Employees
4400.4S4C   Physical Disabilities
300626   Physical Disabilities Under Section 504: Providing Compliant Accommodations
3801.041118   Placement Decisions Under Section 504: Legal Requirements and Real-World Scenarios
300613   Placement Under the IDEA: Avoiding Predetermination and Other Legal Pitfalls
300400.U7M3   Planning and Implementing Instruction for Math, Reading, Writing and Parallel Curriculum
4900.120809   Point/Counterpoint on Discipline Case Strategies: Federal Employee and Agency Representatives Square Off
300295   Positive Behavioral Intervention for Students With Autism: A Practical Guide to Avoiding the Legal Risks of Seclusion and Restraint
300327   Postsecondary Transition Services and Planning: IDEA Requirements for Compliance
300609   Postsecondary Transition Services: An IDEA Compliance Guide for IEP Teams
4900.021517   Power Struggles and Toxic Behavior in Your Agency -- High-Conflict Employees Can Be Managed
3801.052114   Practical Strategies for Implementing the Common Core in Special Education
300632   Practical Strategies for Preventing and Responding to Bullying and Harassment in School
3803.18PC2   Preparing for Life After School: The Legal Ins and Outs of IDEA Transition Planning
300207.2ED   Preparing Test-Resistant Students for Assessments: A Staff Training Guide -- Second Edition
31029   Preventing Repetitive Strain Injuries at Your Computer Workstation
300684   Prior Written Notice Under the IDEA: Who, When and How?
31118   Proactive Policing: Strategies for Campus Law Enforcement
300167   Problem-Solving Skills 101: A Behavior-Management Program for Young Students
5060   Productivity Lost: Alcohol and Drugs in the Workplace
4400.3S1C   Progressive Discipline
4900.120111   Prohibited Personnel Practices: Upholding Merit Principles, Avoiding Violations
4800.REMOVE   Properly Deliver Removal and Termination Notices as a Federal Manager
4900.120413   Protecting Those Who Served: Meeting Your Agency's USERRA Obligations
4900.051216   Proving Integrity-Related Misconduct Offenses in Your Agency - How Do You Do It and What Is Required?
4900.072810   Pursuing and Opposing Summary Judgments: A Former EEOC Chief AJ's Inside View
4800.PIP   Putting a Federal Employee on a PIP -- and Seeing It Through
300179.2ED   Quick Tips for Sound Section 504 Programs - Second Edition
3801.110817   Ramifications of Endrew F. and Fry for School Districts and Staff
4400.4S2C   Reasonable Accommodation
4900.062211   Reasonable Accommodation Under the ADAAA: A Practical Approach for Your Agency
4900.020514A   Reasonable Accommodation: Practical Guidance to Minimize Agency Liability
4800.DEFINE   Recognizing and Addressing Discrimination in the Federal Workplace
4800.CONFLIC   Recognizing and Resolving Conflict as a Federal Manager
4800.BULLY   Recognizing and Responding to Bullying in the Federal Workplace
4800.GEN   Recognizing and Responding to Gender Discrimination: What Federal Managers Must Know and Do
4800.RACE   Recognizing and Responding to Race, Color and National Origin Discrimination in the Federal Workplace
4800.SEXHAR   Recognizing and Responding to Sexual Harassment: What Federal Managers Must Know and Do
4800.TECH   Recognizing and Responding to Technology Misuse by Federal Employees
31079   Recruit & Retain More International Students: 30 Strategies for Success
4800.DISABILITY   Recruiting and Hiring Individuals With Disabilities for the Federal Workforce
300044.5ED   Reduction of School Violence: Alternatives to Suspension -- Fifth Edition
4900.031616   Rehab or Removal? Considering Douglas Factor 10 in Disciplinary Cases
300614   Related Services Under the IDEA: Overview of Key Guidance and Legal Decisions
4400.5S4C   Removal of Poor Performers
4900.052015   Removing a Federal Employee, Avoiding MSPB Reversal
4900.061312   Requesting Fitness-for-Duty Exams in the Federal Workplace: What's Allowed, What's Not
300663   Requests for Service Animals: Developing Compliant School Policies, Procedures and Responses
300618   Residential Placements: District Compliance and Case Law Companion
4900.030818   Resolution Achieved: Drafting Enforceable Federal EEO Settlement Agreements
4257   Resolution Reached, Formal Complaint Avoided: Practical Skills to Settle Federal EEO Disputes
300273   Resolution Sessions and Mediation Under the IDEA: Settling Disputes Without Due Process Hearings
4301.RESLV.DVD   Resolving EEO Conflicts: The Informal Approach
300333   Responding to Dangerous Conduct by Students With Disabilities: A School District Guide to Legal Requirements
4900.091819   Retaliation in the EEO Process: Ensuring Protected Activity Stays Protected
4900.011211   Retaliation in the Federal EEO Process: Getting to the Root of the Matter
31151   Retention Strategies That Work: Taking College Students With Disabilities From Access to Success
300679   Rising to Dyslexia Challenges Through Multi-Tiered Systems of Support: A Handbook for Schools
300709   Roadmap to IDEA/504 Compliance: Eligibility Determinations
300686   Roadmap to IDEA/504 Compliance: Manifestation Determinations
300674   Roadmap to IDEA/504 Compliance: Students With Medical Conditions
300689   Roadmap to IDEA/504 Compliance: Team Meetings to Develop an IEP or 504 Plan
300280   RTI and Behavior: A Guide to Integrating Behavioral and Academic Supports
3801.091610   RTI and Special Ed Identification: How It Works
300238.2ED   RTI and the Classroom Teacher: A Guide for Fostering Teacher Buy-In and Supporting the Intervention Process
300286   RTI in Middle and High School: Strategies and Structures for Literacy Success
300601   RTI in Restrictive Settings: The TIERS Model for Students with Emotional/Behavioral Disorders
3801.032410   RTI in Secondary Schools: Key Literacy Strategies for Middle and High School Programs
300275   RTI in Title I: Tools and Guidance to Get it Right
300515.3RD   Safety and Security Administration in School Facilities: Forms, Checklists and Guidelines - Third Edition
300163   Say the Right Thing: A Guide for Responding to Parents' IEP Requests
300668   School Districts' Guide to Postsecondary Transition for Students With Disabilities
300090   School Law Handbook
300134   School Safety Essentials Series
300065   Section 504 Compliance Advisor
32000   Section 504 Compliance Handbook
300660   Section 504 Compliance: The Complete K-12 Handbook
3801.110818   Section 504 Eligibility Rules Deciphered, Compliant Placement Decisions Made Easier
300304   Section 504 Eligible: What Now?
300697   Section 504 Scenarios and Solutions: Case-Based Staff Compliance Training
300303   Section 504: Determining Appropriate Eligibility
300625   Service Animals in the Schools: What Every District Needs to Know About the ADA Rules
300670   Service Dog Stuffed Animal
300293.2ED.UP   Serving Homeless Students: A Practical Guide to Title I and Other Federal Programs -- Second Edition
300669   Serving Preschool-Age Children With Disabilities: Evaluation, Eligibility, Placement and Transition
300248   Serving Private School Students, Families and Teachers: A Compliance Guide for Title I Practitioners -- Second Edition
3801.022819   Serving Students With Anxiety -- From Evaluation to Support Under the IDEA and Section 504

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