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4800.DIS.LAW   Disability & the Law: Your Role and Responsibilities as a Fed Manager
31048   Disability and Higher Education: Guidance for Section 504 and ADA Compliance
4400.4S1C   Disability and the Law
31006   Disability Compliance Bulletin
31038.YB00   Disability Compliance for Higher Education 2000 Year Book
31038.YB01   Disability Compliance for Higher Education 2001 Year Book
31038.YB02   Disability Compliance for Higher Education 2002 Year Book
31038.YB03   Disability Compliance for Higher Education 2003 Year Book
31038.YB04   Disability Compliance for Higher Education 2004 Year Book
31038.YB05   Disability Compliance for Higher Education 2005 Year Book
31038.YB06   Disability Compliance for Higher Education 2006 Year Book
31038.YB07   Disability Compliance for Higher Education 2007 Year Book
31038.YB08   Disability Compliance for Higher Education 2008 Year Book
300400.U3M1   Disability Overview: Categories, Terminology and Appropriate Interactions
300630   Disability-Based Bullying and Harassment in the Schools: Legal Requirements for Identifying, Investigating and Responding
300328   Disability-Based Bullying and Harassment: Investigation, Response, and Prevention
300288   Discipline Dilemmas: Your Guide to Avoiding the Top IDEA and Section 504 Mistakes
4900.100313   Discipline in a Facebook World: Meeting the Challenges Presented by Social Media in the Federal Workplace
3803.14PC1   Discipline In-Depth: IDEA Insights for Conquering Your Day-to-Day Dilemmas
300313A.004   Discipline Policies and BIPs: Policy and Practice Overview for Administrators
300313T.003   Discipline Policies and BIPs: Policy and Practice Overview for Teachers
300400.U6M1   Discipline Policies and Plans for Students with Disabilities
300258   Disciplining Students with Disabilities: A Balanced Approach to Meeting Legal Requirements and Implementing Positive Educational Practice
4800.DISC   Disciplining Your Federal Employees: What's Appropriate?
4900.101910   Dismissed! When and How to Reject Federal EEO Complaints
4900.021115   Dismissing Federal EEO Complaints Without Fear of Reversal
4900.091411   Disparate Treatment and Beyond: Understanding Intentional Discrimination in the Federal Workplace
300604   Disproportionality in Special Education: Where, Why and How It Occurs
3801.101911   Distressed and Dangerous Students: District Liability Issues and Best Practices
4400.DIV   Diversity and Inclusion Matters: Guidance for the Federal Workplace
7514.STAFF   Division in the Ranks: A Corrections Guide to Staff Unity
300606   Do We Have to Pay? The Impact of Forest Grove and Other IDEA Reimbursement Cases on Your School District
4900.021815   Document, Document, Document! How to Manage Challenging Employee Behavior in the Federal Workplace
3801.092211   Documentation in Special Education: Effective, Easy-to-Use Strategies to Avoid Disputes
4900.042617   Documenting Federal Employee Performance & Behavior — The First Step In Accountability
4900.062415   Documenting the Douglas Factors: When, Why & How
3801.120612   Dollars and Sense: Case Law Lessons in Avoiding Costly Mistakes
4900.050212   Douglas Do's and Don'ts: Using MSPB Case Law to Determine the Right Penalty
4900.051210   Drafting Clear and Enforceable Settlement Agreements: Guidance From Broida and Hadley
4900.050714A   Drafting Winning Proposal and Decision Letters: Supporting Your Penalty, Avoiding Reversal
4800.ENGAGE   Driving Employee Engagement: Your Role as a Federal Manager
4800.IMPROVE   Driving Strong Employee Performance in the Federal Workplace
300003   Early Childhood Report
300907.4ED   EDGAR-Plus: Education Department General Administrative Regulations -- Fourth Edition
300607   Educating Students With Autism in the LRE: IDEA Rules and Decision Digest
300642   Educating Students With Disabilities: An Analysis of Federal Law
300624   Educating Students With Hearing and Visual Impairments: Navigating the Legal Issues
300511   Education Grants Alert
300329   Education Records and Confidentiality: Meeting FERPA and IDEA Requirements
4221.EEO.UP2   EEO and Federal Managers: Following the Principles, Avoiding Complaints
4900.102815   EEO Case Law Update: What Your Agency Needs to Know and Why
4302.DVD   EEO Pitfalls: Educating Federal Managers to Avoid Complaints
4900.022713   EEO Reprisal in the Federal Workplace: Lessons From the Trenches
4900.092811   EEOC Findings of Discrimination: Lessons for the Federal Practitioner
300323   Effective Co-Teaching: Components, Planning, Strategies and Evaluation
3801.021810   Effective Interventions and Appropriate Placements for Aggressive Students
300130   Effective Strategies to Resolve Special Education Disputes Without Due Process
4200.PREP2   Effective Techniques for Preparing Disciplinary and Adverse Actions -- Second Edition
4900.102412   Elements of Offenses: Proving Your Agency's Disciplinary Action
3801.011013   Eligible or Not? Potential "Rule-Out" Factors Under the IDEA and Section 504
300629   ELs With Disabilities: A Guide for Identification, Assessments, and Services
31075   Embrace the Oxymoron: Customer Service in Higher Education
300646   Emergency Planning and Crisis Response for K-12 Schools: Best Practices, Model Forms and Checklists
4900.092116   Emerging EEO Trends in LGBT and Pregnancy Discrimination: Understanding Your Agency's Responsibilities
4400.3S5C   Employee Appeals
4800.ATTEND   Employee Attendance and Tardiness Issues: Best Practices for Federal Managers
4900.101916   Employee Engagement With Accountability: Improving Your Agency's FEVS Scores
4900.101613   Employing Individuals With Psychiatric Disabilities: What Your Agency Needs to Know and Do
4258.UP   Employing Veterans in Federal Civil Service: A Q&A Guide
4900.050615   Enforceable Federal EEO Settlement Agreements: From Crafting to Drafting
300678   Enhancing Executive Function in the Early Years: Environment, Instruction and Adaptations to Promote School Readiness
300400.U5M1   Enhancing Paraprofessionals' Communication Skills
4900.083011   Enough Already! Taking Defensible Action Against Poor-Performing Federal Employees
300682   Ensure Access to Technology for All Students: Complying With Section 504 and ADA
7000.ELWR   Environmental Laboratory Washington Report
300221.WAYS   Especially for Educators: 10 Ways to be a Terrific Team Player
300683   ESSA and IDEA Assessment and Accountability Rules Made Simple
300667   ESSA and NCLB: A Side-by-Side Analysis
300672   ESSA: Moving Toward a Well-Rounded Title I
4800.ETHICS   Ethics – What is Expected of You as a Federal Manager
3801.051612   Evaluating and Serving Students With Medical Needs and Physical Impairments Under Section 504
3801.101310   Evaluation and Eligibility: Evolving Legal Trends and Best Practices for Compliance
4900.032917   Every Step of the Way: Accommodating Federal Employees Using the Interactive Process
4900.081314A   Everyday FMLA: Ensuring Compliance in Your Agency
300234   Evidence-Based Education: Examining Today's Research for Tomorrow's Decisions
4900.031914A   Evolving EEO Law: Decisions Agencies Need to Know
31130   Exceed Recruitment and Retention Goals Without Breaking the Bank: 150 Affordable Ideas
4900.012914A   Excessive Leave in the Federal Workplace: Disciplining Employees, Proving Charges Before the MSPB
4900.110916   Excessive Leave in Your Agency: Identify the Cases, Build a Framework, Take the Right Action
4266.UP   Executing Enforceable Settlement Agreements: Guidance for Federal Agencies
300277   Extended School Year Services Under the IDEA and Section 504: Legal Standards and Case Law
31116.FAC   Faculty Training Tips: Guidance for Teaching Students with Disabilities
4209   Failure to Bargain: A Practical Guide for Analyzing and Responding to ULP Charges
4228.UP   Faith and the Federal Employee: Your Guide to Preventing Religious Discrimination and Harassment
300637   FBAs and BIPs: Meeting IDEA Compliance Obligations
300906.5ED   Federal Education Grants Management: What Administrators Need to Know -- Fifth Edition
4170   Federal EEO Advisor
4900.040709   Federal EEO and Workers' Comp Claims at a Crossroads: Evaluating Emotional Disability Claims under the Amended ADA and FECA
4245.2ED   Federal EEO Claims: Grounds for Dismissal -- Second Edition
4900.110211   Federal Employee Medical Documentation: Meeting Your Requirements Under GINA and the ADAAA
4244.ER   Federal Employee Relations Challenges: A Step-by-Step Guide
4079   Federal Employee Relations Dictionary
4252   Federal Employees Over 40: Addressing Age Discrimination and Avoiding Liability
4900.021010   Federal Employees With Psychiatric Disabilities: Providing Reasonable Accommodation While Avoiding Agency Liability
4900.041916   Federal Employees with Psychiatric Disabilities: Staying EEO Compliant
4900.110613   Federal Employees' Medical Information: Steering Clear of Rehabilitation Act and GINA Violations
4800.OFFDUTY   Federal Employees’ Off-duty Misconduct: Determining Nexus and Discipline Options
4085   Federal Human Resources Week
4900.051414A   Federal Managers and EEO Professionals: Working Together to Limit EEO Complaints
4800.FAIR   Federal Managers’ Best Practices for Creating a Fair Workplace
4800.SPCLV   Federal Managers’ Guidance for Leave Requests Beyond Sick and FMLA
4050   Federal Merit Systems Reporter
4000.WEB   Federal Personnel Guide on the Web
4400.QUAL   Federal Qualification Standards: What HR Needs to Know
4250.2UP1   Federal Sector FMLA: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
4206.2ED   Federal Workers' Compensation Desk Book -- Second Edition
4900.120210   Federal Workplace Harassment: Identifying the Root, Responding Effectively
300297   FERPA and Electronic Education Records: A Compliance Guide for Proper Management
300292   FERPA and School Safety: Understanding the Rules for Permissible Disclosures
4800.FERS   FERS: Planning Effectively for Your Retirement
300619   Fidelity and RTI: Strategies to Ensure Intervention Integrity in Your Schools
300673   Field Trips: Inclusion Beyond the Classroom for Students With Disabilities
31091   First Impressions: Creating an Effective Orientation Program for Adult Students
4900.012611   FLSA and the Federal Workplace: Applying the Law, Reducing Liability
4271   FLSA and the Federal Workplace: Your Roadmap to Compliance
3801.032317   Food Allergies and Chronic Health Conditions: Meeting Students’ Needs From the 504 Perspective
4800.DISCUSS   Formal Discussions and Weingarten Meetings: The Union’s Role
300665   Fostering Meaningful Parent-School Partnerships at Every IEP Team Meeting
31082   Free Speech on Campus: A Legal Review
31123   From ADHD to Tourette Syndrome: Supporting Students with Social Disorders in Higher Education
31138   From Baby Boomers to New Technologies: The Dean and Provost's Guide to Implementing Change Involving Faculty
300263   From Better to Best: Practical Strategies to Boost Efficiency in Your Education Foundation
300221.CHILD   From Childlike Chester to Stubborn Stella: Managing School Employees with Prickly Personalities
3801.111710   From Contentious to Fruitful: Preparing for and Conducting the Difficult IEP Meeting
3803.14PC2   From Discovery to Defense: An Attorney’s Guide for Litigating Autism Cases
31139   From Documentation to Accommodations: The Disability Service Provider’s Guide to Supporting Students with Psychiatric Disabilities
300228   From Early Intervention ... to Preschool Programs ... and School-Age Services A Parent's Guide to Transitioning Young Children with Special Needs
31148   From Enrollment to Student Affairs: Savvy Ideas to Generate Revenue and Save Money for Your Campus
4400.LR3C   From Formal Discussions to Weingarten Meetings: Avoiding ULP Charges When Meeting With Employees
4282   From Nexus to Penalty: Handling Off-duty Misconduct by Federal Employees
300185.4   From Rowley to Forest Grove: Key Court Decisions Special Educators Need to Know
4276   From the Experts to You: Straight Answers on Federal Leave Abuse
300175.2ED   From the FERPA File: Quick Tips on Student Education Records - Second Edition
4900.011910   From the Inquiry to the Report: Guidance on Conducting the Federal EEO Counseling Process
8006   From Warning Signs to Aftermath: Preparing for Violence in the Workplace
3801.022615   Fundamental IDEA Procedures Schools Cannot Neglect
3801.091213   Game On: Following OCR’s Guidance for Including Students With Disabilities in Athletics
4900.041911   Gender Stereotyping: What You Need to Know to Prevent Discrimination Complaints in Your Agency
3801.021913   Get On Board! Identifying and Meeting Transportation Needs of Students With Disabilities
300242   Get that Grant: Your Guide to Planning Successful K-12 Grant Proposals
4225.EEO.UP   Get to Know Your Federal EEO: From Counseling to the Courts
3801.120717   Getting a Handle on Your IDEA Prior Written Notice Obligations
300204   Getting Behavioral Interventions Right: Proper Uses to Avoid Common Abuses
3801.110409   Getting Manifestation Determinations Right: Practical Strategies for Compliance
300231.DVD   Getting Ready for RTI: Staff Training on Key Principles, Implementation Issues
31074   Getting Results! A Guide to Managing Resources in Student Affairs
3801.012611   Getting the IEP Right: Tips to Avoid Substantive and Procedural Errors
300172.GEN   Getting to Know Special Ed: The General Educator's Essential Guide
4273   GINA: Your Agency's Q&A Guide to Avoiding Liability
31072   Graduate Schools and the ADA: Developing a Systematic Approach to Disability Compliance
4800.TIME   Grant or Deny Official Time Requests? A Federal Manager's Role
4900.031413   Grounds for Dismissal: When and How to Reject Federal EEO Complaints
3801.091014   Handling Complex Special Education Discipline Situations: A Framework for Decision Making
4900.011718   Harassment and Bullying in the Federal Workplace: What You Can and Should Do
4900.031412   Harassment Free: Strategies to Prevent and Correct Troublesome Situations in Your Agency
4800.HARASS   Harassment in the Federal Workplace: A Manager’s Role and Responsibilities
3801.013107   Harnessing the Power of iPods in Higher Education
31132   Helping Athletes with Disabilities Stay in College and On the Team: From Student Conduct Codes to Legal Compliance
300326   Helping Homeless Students Succeed: Identification, Funding and Services Under Title I and McKinney-Vento
4900.071712   Hidden Disabilities: Accommodating Employees in the Federal Workplace
3801.020916   High School Graduation for Students With Disabilities: Providing Transition Services That Are Meaningful and IDEA-Compliant
4900.112812   Hiring and Inclusion of Employees With Disabilities: Making Agency Efforts Count
4900.051909   Hiring, Accommodating and Retaining Federal Employees With Disabilities: A Plan for Action
300910   Home and School: Bridging the Gap with Title I Parental Involvement
300331   Home Instruction and Homebound Services: Legal Requirements for Serving Students With Disabilities
300180.UP09   Homebound Services Under the IDEA and Section 504: An Overview of Legal Issues -- Second Edition
7800.HOSP   Hospitality Law
7801.SAFETY   Hospitality Safety: Tips, Cases and Checklists on Avoiding Liability
4900.041311   How the New MSPB Is Reshaping Discipline in the Federal Workplace
7510.QMS   How to Develop Quality Management Systems in Your Correctional Facility
4200.FRAME   How to Frame Disciplinary and Adverse Action Charges
3101   How to Serve Tough Customers: Government Edition
300651   IDEA & Joint Custody: Your School District's Obligations to Each Parent
3801.091015   IDEA and EDGAR - Ensuring Your Grant Expenditures Meet New Federal Rules
3801.110514   IDEA and Stay-put: Meeting Your Legal Obligations
300223.2   IDEA Attorney's Fees After Buckhannon: A Changed Landscape
300283   IDEA Due Process Survival Guide: A Step-by-Step Companion for Administrators and Attorneys
300602   IDEA Eligibility Case Law: A Desktop Reference to Key Decisions
300539.2ND   IDEA Guidebook®
300017.REV17   IDEA Part B Regulations - 34 CFR Part 300
3801.030409   IDEA Part B, Title I and Beyond: Translating New Legal Requirements Into Practical Guidance
300300.3   IDEA Rules on Accountability
300300.2   IDEA Rules on Discipline
300300.4   IDEA Rules on Early Intervention
300300.6   IDEA Rules on Eligibility and Evaluation
300300.1   IDEA Rules on IEP Process
300300.5   IDEA Rules on Parental Notice and Due Process
300908.5ED   IDEA: New Expectations for Schools and Students - Fifth Edition
3801.022317   Identify and Address the Harassment and Bullying of Students With Disabilities

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