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300159   "Together We Succeed": Building a Better System for Transitioning Preschoolers with Disabilities
4203.SAFETY   $afety Cents in the Federal Workforce: Prevent Employee Injuries and Reduce Workers' Comp Costs
8000.SAFETY   $afety Cents: Prevent Employee Injuries and Reduce Workers' Comp Costs
3803.12   (2012) 18th Annual Special Education School Attorneys Conference
3803.13A   (2013) 19th Annual Special Education School Attorneys Conference
3083.14   (2014) 20th Annual LRP's Special Education School Attorneys Conference
3803.14   (2014) 20th Annual LRP's Special Education School Attorneys Conference
3803.15   (2015) 21st Annual LRP's Special Education School Attorneys Conference
3802.36BINDER   (2015) 36th Annual LRP's National Institute on Legal Issues of Educating Individuals with Disabilities® Binder
3802.36PST1   (2015) 36th National Institute Post-Conference Symposium 1 -The Discipline Dirty Dozen: Most Common Mistakes Districts Make and How to Avoid Them
3802.36PST2   (2015) 36th National Institute Post-Conference Symposium 2 - Special Ed Staff Development in a World of RTI, CCSS, PARCC and Other Acronyms
3802.36PRE1   (2015) 36th National Institute Pre-Conference Symposium 1 - Assessing the Threat: School Safety and the Special Education Student (2 Pamphlets; part A & B)
3802.36PRE1A   (2015) 36th National Institute Pre-Conference Symposium 1A - Assessing the Threat: School Safety and the Special Education Student – Legal Considerations
3802.36PRE1B   (2015) 36th National Institute Pre-Conference Symposium 1B - Assessing the Threat: School Safety and the Special Education Student – Best Practices
3802.36PRE2   (2015) 36th National Institute Pre-Conference Symposium 2 - Section 504: The Big Picture
3802.36PRE3   (2015) 36th National Institute Pre-Conference Symposium 3 - IEP Boot Camp: 10 Critical Strategies for Building and Executing Better IEPs
3802.36PRE4   (2015) 36th National Institute Pre-Conference Symposium 4 - Serving the Needs of Students With High-Functioning Autism: Best Practices and Defensible Programs
3802.37BINDER   (2016) 37th Annual LRP's National Institute on Legal Issues of Educating Individuals with Disabilities® Binder
3802.37PST1   (2016) 37th National Institute Post-Conference Symposium 1 -Section 504: Critical Compliance Issues and Updates
3802.37PST2   (2016) 37th National Institute Post-Conference Symposium 2 - IDEA Discipline From the Ground Up
3802.37PRE1   (2016) 37th National Institute Pre-Conference Symposium 1 - New Special Education Administrator Boot Camp — Legal and Practical Survival Guide
3802.37PRE2   (2016) 37th National Institute Pre-Conference Symposium 2- Preparing Students With Disabilities for Successful Postsecondary Transition
3802.37PRE3   (2016) 37th National Institute Pre-Conference Symposium 3 - Bullying and Harassment of Students With Disabilities
3802.37PRE4   (2016) 37th National Institute Pre-Conference Symposium 4 - Increasing Post-High School Employment for Students With Autism: The Social Skills That Managers Seek and How to Teach Them
4303.FEAR.2   Federal Personnel Guide's No FEAR Act Training Video
20034   10 Essential People Skills for Today's Government Employee
300156   10 Everyday Errors that Trigger Due Process: A Guide to Educators' Legal Requirements
4801   10 Ways for Federal Employees to be Terrific Team Players
31142   11 Federal Laws Every Campus Enrollment and Admissions Official Needs to Know
300313A.002   13 Disabilities Under IDEA: An Overview for Administrators
300313T.001   13 Disabilities Under IDEA: An Overview for Teachers
31144   13 Federal Laws Every Dean and Provost Needs to Know
31155   13 Federal Laws Every Student Affairs Official Needs to Know
300240   2006 IDEA Final Part B Regulations: What You Need to Know
300017.REV06   2006 IDEA Part B Regulations
9706.09   2009 Report on Nonprofit Executive Compensation
8000.DB09   2009 Workers' Compensation Year Book
4001.16M   2016 Federal Manager's Guide®
4000.16   2016 Federal Personnel Guide
4002.16R   2016 Federal Retirement Guide
4001.17M   2017 Federal Manager's Guide®
4000.17   2017 Federal Personnel Guide
4002.17R   2017 Federal Retirement Guide
31057   25 Ways to Recruit and Retain Minority Students
31071   30 Proven Strategies for Recruiting and Retaining Faculty
31062   31 Tips for Improving Residential Life
31067   40 Practical Ways to Address Student Conduct
31065   42 Successful Strategies for Improving Student Retention
31107.BOTH   46 Tips and 50 More Tips to Recruit and Retain Adult Students
31058   46 Tips to Recruit and Retain Adult Students
31133   50 More Practical Ways to Address Student Conduct on Campus
31107   50 More Tips to Recruit and Retain Adult Students
3801.011811   6 Keys to Building Better Behavioral Intervention Plans
4900.051816   7 Common Mistakes Agencies Make in the EEO Process - And How to Avoid Them
4800.RETURN   7 Steps to Return an Injured Employee to the Federal Workplace
4287   8 More of the Biggest Employee and Labor Relations Challenges in the Federal Workplace - And How Managers Should Handle Them
4800.MENTAL   A Federal Manager's Role in Accommodating Mental Disabilities
4800.SHARP   A Federal Manager's Role in Accommodating Mental Disabilities
4800.PHYS.DIS   A Federal Manager's Role in Accommodating Physical Disabilities
4800.RELIG   A Federal Manager's Role in Limiting Religious Discrimination and Harassment
4800.COMP   A Federal Manager’s Role in Challenging Workers’ Compensation Claims
4800.NGP   A Federal Manager’s Role in the Negotiated Grievance Procedure
300233   A Legal Overview of Burden of Proof in Special Education Disputesties Under the IDEA
3801.111016   A Proactive Approach: How to Prepare for Challenging IEP Meetings
4244.EEO.UP   A Step-by-Step Guide to Handling Federal EEO Challenges
300659   Abuse and Neglect of Students With Disabilities: How to Spot the Signs and Take Effective Action
300638   Academic and Behavioral Interventions That Work for Students With Autism
300657   Accommodating Students With Allergies and Chemical Sensitivities: Steps for Legal Compliance
4900.020812   Accommodation or Discipline? Responding to Substance Abuse Issues in the Federal Workplace
4900.060414A   Actions That Make a Difference: Preventing and Responding to Harassment in Your Agency
300334   Addressing Behavior Proactively: A Legal Guide to FBAs and BIPs
4283   Addressing Hostile Work Environment Claims: Your Agency's Q&A Guide
4221.PERF   Addressing Poor Performance in the Federal Workplace: A Guide for Managers
300661   Addressing Students' Executive Functioning Deficits to Meet Core State Standards
300313A.008   Administrators Take Charge: Behavior Modification Strategies
4800.ADR   ADR in the Federal Workplace: What, Why and How
3801.022416   Adverse Experiences and Child Development: Overcoming the Toxic Effects and Developing Trauma-Sensitive Schools
4400.WC1C   Agency Medical Exams and Related Employment Issues
5048.AIDS   AIDS Policy & Law
300680   Aligning Instruction and IEPs to Essential State Standards for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities
3801.110415   Aligning Special Education IEPs and Services to Rigorous Core Standards
4900.071410   Alleged Misconduct: Performing Fair, Defensible Investigations in the Federal Workplace
4900.090109   Alternative Discipline and Federal Employees: Creating Win-Win Solutions
4900.011112   Alternative Discipline in the Federal Workplace: Crafting Solutions That Work
300118.2   Alternative Schools: Legal Guidance for Serving Special Education Students -- Second Edition
3801.041613   Alternatives to Suspension: Creative and Effective Ways To Increase Your Graduation Rates
300164   An Overview of Special Education Transportation: A Primer for Parents and Educators
300621   Anxiety Disorders in the Classroom: An Action Plan for Identification, Evaluation and Intervention
4233   Applying ADR in the Federal Workplace
300315   Applying RTI Principles of Data Collection, Analysis and Interpretation
4900.090215   Approving or Denying Federal Employees’ FMLA – Who, Why & How
4076.3ED   Assessing Compensatory Damages Claims in Federal EEO Cases - Third Edition
300152.READ.DVD   Assisting Reading Instruction: The Paraprofessional's Guide -- Video and Workbook
300641   Assistive Technology in Special Education: Identifying Student Needs, Responding to Parent Requests, and Other Compliance Issues
3801.051016   Assistive Technology Within the IEP Process: Developing Legally Compliant Best Practices
3801.102215   Assistive Technology: Key Considerations for Students With Disabilities
300236   Athletics, Extracurricular Activities and Students with Disabilities: District Obligations Under the IDEA and Section 504
300316   Autism and IDEA Essentials: A Legal Guide for Educators
300319   Autism and One-to-One Aides: A Practical Guide for Educators
300318   Autism and Positive Behavioral Intervention Strategies
300317   Autism and the IDEA: Eligibility and Evaluations
300320   Autism and the IEP: Planning, Execution and Delivery
300321   Autism and the IEP: Understanding the IDEA's Content Requirements
3801.051211   Autism and the Law: What Cases Tell Us About Programming and Services
300271   Autism Case Law: A Desktop Reference to Key Decisions
3801.102110   Autism Methodology and the IEP Team: Strategies to Meet Students' Needs and IDEA Requirements
300278   Autism Methodology Cases to Live By: Legal Guidance for Practical Program Strategies
4900.092315   Avoidable Mistakes That Destroy Your Agency's Adverse Actions
300610.DVD   Avoiding Autism IEP Errors That Lead to Disputes and Litigation
3801.032113   Avoiding Cookie Cutter IEPs: Develop Individualized, Clear IEPs ... Prevent Costly Errors, Confusion
3801.031114   Avoiding Due Process: IDEA Compliance and Communication Strategies
31084   Avoiding Legal Landmines: What Enrollment Managers Must Know
4400.1S5C   Avoiding Retaliation for Previous EEO Activity
31030   Back Injury Prevention Guide
3801.090612   Balancing School Safety and Student Confidentiality: What You Can and Can't Disclose Under FERPA
4268.VOL1   Barbara Haga Presents ... Managing Employee Leave Issues in the Federal Workplace - Volume 1
4400.LR4C   Before You Get to the Table: Preparing to Bargain in the Federal Sector
300400.U6M3   Behavior Strategies for Teachers and Paraeducators
3801.091107   Behavioral Interventions that Work for Students Across the Autism Spectrum
300291.DVD   Behavioral RTI: The Path to Integrating Behavioral and Academic Supports
4249   Between Doing Nothing and Taking Formal Action: Alternative Methods of Handling Federal Employee Problems
300634   Beyond Basics: Your Master Plan to Successful, Sustainable Co-Teaching
4900.061516   Beyond Douglas: Penalty Determinations Done Right
300139   Beyond FERPA: A Guide to Student Records Under the IDEA
4256   Beyond Reporting Requirements: Using MD-715 to Build a Model EEO Program
4900.012716   Beyond the Basics: Reasonable Accommodation Guidance for Federal Agencies' Real-Life Challenges
31124   Beyond the Classroom: Accommodating Students with Disabilities in Higher Education
3801.030310   Beyond the Classroom: Post-Secondary Transition Planning for Students With Autism
4900.102214A   Beyond the Obvious: Accommodating Federal Employees With Hidden Disabilities
4285   Beyond the Physical: Accommodating Federal Employees With Mental Disabilities
31154   Beyond the Usual Accommodations: Supporting College Students With Disabilities in Clinical Settings
300502.ASP   Board & Administrator: School Edition
9700.BM20   Board Member Manual 20th Edition
3801.021010   Bringing Instructional Coaches on Board: Enhance Your Title I Program and Boost Academic Achievement
4900.032812   Broida on MSPB Success
4900.041713   Broida on Security-Based Removals and Indefinite Suspensions
4900.100312   Broida on Suitability: Making Determinations, Taking Action
4800.TEAM   Building and Leading Teams to Meet Agency Objectives
3801.100611   Bullying and Harassment of Students With Disabilities: Practical Guidance on Prevention and Response
3801.051315   Bullying of and by Students With Disabilities: Emerging IDEA and Section 504 Issues
3801.091416   Buses, Vans and Automobiles: Transportation and Special Education
20031   Calming Irate Customers: 10 Tips for Government Employees
31099.3RD   Campus Safety & Security: Forms, Checklists & Guidelines - Third Edition
31116.SUPV   Campus Supervisor Training Tips: Guidance for Accommodating Employees with Disabilities
300656   Can Title I Pay for This? A Guide to Determining Allowable Costs
4400.3S3C   Charges in Formal Disciplinary Actions
300640   Charter School Special Education Compliance Advisor
300400.U3M2   Child Development and the Paraeducator
3801.051911   Child Find in the RTI Era: Common Misconceptions, Problem Situations and Avoidable Disputes
3801.011515   Co-Teaching and the IDEA: Meeting Students’ Needs and Communicating With Parents
4900.110409   Coaching Federal Managers: Tools and Techniques to Resolve Tricky Employee Situations
300306   Collaborating and Communicating with Your Paraeducator as an Instructional Team
300400.U5M2   Collaboration Strategies for Paraeducators and Partner Teachers
300400.U4M1   Collecting and Graphing Student Data
4800.CBA   Collective Bargaining Agreements: Your Role and Responsibilities as a Federal Manager
31108   College Residence Halls: Crime Prevention and Fire Safety
31141   College Students with Asperger Syndrome: Practical Strategies to Ensure Social and Academic Success
300648   Common Core and the Special Education Student: Your Guide to Instructional Shifts and Implementing Services and Supports
3801.103012   Common Core Curriculum: Instructional Implications for Students With Disabilities
3801.100715   Communicating With Parent Advocates: How to Avoid IEP Meeting Missteps and Foster Collaborative Relationships
31053   Community Colleges and the ADA: How to Make Sure OCR Doesn't Come Knocking on Your Door
300631   Compensatory Education Companion: Your Guide for Legal Compliance and Implementation Strategies
4400.MD715   Complying with MD-715 and Developing a Model EEO Program
4900.071409   Complying With the New ADA: What Federal Agencies Need to Know
4200.INV2   Conducting Effective Disciplinary Investigations -- Second Edition
4800.APPRAISAL   Conducting Effective Federal Employee Performance Appraisals Based on Appropriate Standards
300284   Confidentiality in Student Testing: Access and Disclosure Requirements Under FERPA and the IDEA
3801.032012   Cool Tools in Schools:Responding to Requests for the Latest Technology in Special Education
300600.2ED   Coordinating Services for English Learners: A Guide for District and School Administrators -- Second Edition
3801.031511   Coordinating Title I and Special Education: Differences, Similarities and Making It All Work
300645.DVD   Costly Comments in Special Education: What Not to Say to Parents
4900.052511   Cracking Down on Leave Abuse in Your Agency
300266   Cracking the Code: IDEA and NCLB Alternate Assessment Rules Made Simple
4900.022409   Crafting Appropriate Disciplinary Charges for Misconduct in the Federal Workplace
300308   Creating an RTI Model That Works for You
3801.092314   Creating Compliant Section 504 Plans for Students With Severe Food Allergies, Diabetes and Other Medical Conditions
31131   Crisis on Campus: Preparing For and Dealing With Disasters and Violence
4800.CSRS   CSRS: Planning Effectively for Your Retirement
4800.DIV   Cultivating Diversity and Inclusion in Your Work Unit
31105   Curb Campus Drinking: 20 Prevention Strategies that Work
300312   Curricular and Instructional Implications of Emergent Literacy for Diverse Learners
4100.WC   cyberFEDS® Workers' Compensation Library
4100.CMPL   cyberFEDS®Complete Library on the Web
300635   Dangerous Conduct by Students With Disabilities: Legal Guidelines for Appropriate Responses
4300.INSUB.DVD   Dealing with Insubordination
4800.SOLVE   Decision-making & Problem-solving Skills for Federal Managers
4400.1S1C   Defining Discrimination
300400.U1M1   Defining Roles and Responsibilities of the Paraeducator
3801.092315   Demystifying OCR: Strategies for Responding to Investigations
4800.DOUGLAS   Determining the Right Penalty: How Federal Managers Should Weigh the Douglas Factors
4900.060816   Deterring and Responding to Harassment — Best Practices for the Federal Workplace
300307   Developing Legally Compliant and Effective IEPs
300270   Developing Meaningful Parental Involvement: Guidance and Tools for the Title I Administrator
300664   Developing New In-District Special Education Programs: Your Step-by-Step Compliance Guide
300513.ASP   Developing the Effective Principal: Hiring, Evaluation and Retention Practices for the Superintendent
300519.ASP   Developing the Effective Teacher: Hiring, Evaluation and Retention Practices for the School Administrator
9708   Developing your Board: How to Build Stronger Roles, Relationships and Responsibilities
9701.DOM2   Development Office Management: Forms, Checklists & Guidelines, Second Edition
4255   Did You Know? Your Guide Through the Nuances of Federal Employment Law
4400.4S3C   Disabilities in Hiring and Promotion

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