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Your Complete Guide to Handling Disruptive Behavior in the Federal Workplace Legally Speaking: A Staff Training Guide for Communicating With Parents and Avoiding Conflicts in Special Education
Price: $31.25
Price: $31.50
From the employee whose office emanates a persistent pungent odor, to the close-talker who regularly invades others’ personal space, a variety of behaviors can disrupt everyone’s work and impact morale. Drawing from her well-rounded experiences as an attorney, special education administrator, hearing officer and parent of children with special needs, Christina Sepiol guides you in clearly explaining your district’s current IDEA duties to parents, so they understand the legal basis for your decisions regarding their child.
Faith and the Federal Employee: Your Guide to Preventing Religious Discrimination and Harassment Employing Veterans in Federal Civil Service: A Q&A Guide
Price: $32.50
Price: $33.75
Federal EEO law dictating how your agency should address religious issues largely develops through EEOC and Supreme Court decisions. Learn about the newest developments in veteran employment so you can comply with the various laws, rules, guidance and regulations.
Before You Discipline Under Section 504: Legal Requirements and Key Considerations Ramifications of Endrew F. and Fry for School Districts and Staff
Price: $250.00
Price: $250.00
Make sure you and your staff members understand the crucial legal requirements and key factors that must be considered when disciplining a student with disabilities. Ensure you and your staff are up to date with the recent Supreme Court rulings in Endrew F. and Fry — , plus find out how they impact your special education program and the services you provide right now.
Getting a Handle on Your IDEA Prior Written Notice Obligations Termination During Probation: Avoiding Due Process Violations in Your Agency
Price: $250.00
Price: $295.00
Ensure team members have a full understanding regarding IDEA requirements for when and how to provide Prior Written Notice (PWN), with 90 minutes of guidance from veteran school law attorney Karen Haase. Failure to take proper action, at the proper time, could mean years of headaches for your agency — not to mention a significant amount of back pay and attorney’s fees. Avoid it all with guidance from attorney Robert Erbe, an expert in MSPB practice and procedure.