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Developing the Effective Principal: Hiring, Evaluation and Retention Practices for the Superintendent Developing the Effective Teacher: Hiring, Evaluation and Retention Practices for the School Administrator
Price: $99.50
Price: $99.50
Recruit and retain principals who meet your expectations in today's tough climate of accountability. Give your school administrators proven practices to attract and retain top-quality teachers. Developing the Effective Teacher provides easy-to-follow guidelines, sample procedures and forms — along with professional development tools — to help your principals streamline school recruitment and evaluation processes and develop top-of-the-line classroom leaders.
Paraeducators: LifeLines in the Classroom Training Modules Series Planning Your Paraprofessionals' Path: An Administrator's Legal Compliance and Training Guide
Price: $1,224.65
Price: $159.00
For the training facilitator …conduct quality staff training with minimum planning effort! Paraprofessionals who aren't properly trained can jeopardize your district's reputation, funding and students' safety.
Preparing Test-Resistant Students for Assessments: A Staff Training Guide -- Second Edition Say the Right Thing: A Guide for Responding to Parents' IEP Requests
Price: $65.50
Price: $39.95
Here it is in just one loose-leaf binder … all the tools you need to train school personnel on addressing student resistance to high stakes assessment, so they can determine why a student may not want to participate and what to do about it. An offhand remark at an IEP meeting can lead to misunderstandings with parents … or worse, costly litigation.
Staff Training Tips: Focusing on Behavior Management Staff Training Tips: Focusing on LRE and Inclusion
Price: $167.00
Price: $167.00
Covering both general and special education behavior management topics, Focusing on Behavior Management is designed to help administrators provide educators with quality professional development that is based on sound legal principles. Educators must address the special needs of children with disabilities in the least restrictive environment and ensure they make AYP -- without taking anything away from other students in the general education classroom.
Staff Training Tips: Focusing on Special Education The Behavior Management Guidebook: 10 Key Training Components for Staff Development
Price: $167.00
Price: $42.95
<b><i>Focusing on Special Education</i></b> provides <i>Reports and Activity Guides</i> organized under 13 topic-specific sections -- making it easy to train educators to handle the day-to-day challenges in educating students with disabilities. Give all your educators a toolbox of strategies to effectively handle challenging student behavior.
The Collaborative Team Model: A Training Guide to Making Inclusion Work in Your School
Price: $63.25
This hands-on training manual provides field-tested strategies for establishing practical, cost-effective and efficient methods for instructing and evaluating diverse learners in the regular education classroom.